Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2024 Showrunner Confirms What We All Suspected About the Ending

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The co-creator and showrunner of Amazon Studios’ Mr. & Mrs. Smith just confirmed what everyone already suspected about the show’s ending.

The finale saw Donald Glover and Maya Erskine’s titular spies gridlocked in a deathmatch (one that was the product of some big misunderstandings), only for it to get interrupted by a rival couple ordered to terminate them both.

In the episode’s final moments, all audiences see are some gunshots—leaving viewers in the dark as to the ending fate for everyone involved.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith's Ending Cliffhanger

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in Mr. and Mrs. Smith finale ending
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While speaking to The WrapMr. & Mrs. Smith co-creator and showrunner Francesca Sloane revealed exactly what they intended the Season 1 ending to be.

Francesca made it clear those final moments do not feel "sinister" to her at all, and she was pleased with leaving it "up for interpretation." 

The showrunner wanted it to end "as a love story," and it is up to viewers to conclude whether or not the season's conclusion is "[a] hopeful ending or not:"

“It’s up to the viewer, depending on who you are, whether it’s a hopeful ending or not... What it is regardless of who you are and how you interpret it, it is a love story. That’s what I wanted it to end on — as a love story.”

Sloane admitted the writing team entertained a clear, happy ending, but "that's just not the kind of kids [they] are:"

“That’s just not the kind of kids we are... I’m a new mother, and I feel like a lot of the cynicism and punk[ness] that I used to have, and the way that I would write has dissipated quite a bit.”

She told Entertainment Weekly how she feels that "people who love the movie will be incredibly pleased" with how Season 1 ends:

"The entire season is attempting to subvert the genre while still being really satisfying to people who love the movie, and I think that people who love the movie will be incredibly pleased with the way that our finale wraps up..."

At the same time, Sloane also feels like people with no prior knowledge of the IP will "feel like it is a well-rounded, exciting, shoot-'em-up romance with a really interesting ending:"

"I feel like we've really earned the finale in terms of its gloriousness, but I also feel like people who have never even heard of the original IP of 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith will watch that and feel like it is a well-rounded, exciting, shoot-'em-up romance with a really interesting ending. And I think that the ending is something that will have a lot of people talking."

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sloane reiterated how the team "wanted to make sure that [Season 1] felt like a complete story, even with the ending being what it is:"

"We wanted to make sure that [Season 1] felt like a complete story, even with the ending being what it is. We watched a lot of films from the ’70s. I love the way that a lot of films then ended. The Graduate has one of those endings that still feels satisfying without giving you everything. We feel like there’s a beautiful complete story here in that sense."

However, fans should probably expect some sort of continuation, since Sloane and company "definitely already started discussing ideas for Season 2:"

"That said, we have definitely already started discussing ideas for Season 2… in the world we make one. We would never want to make a Season 2 if we couldn’t kick our own asses, in terms of taking down Season 1. So it really depends. We’ll see what life has to offer us, but we definitely have some exciting thoughts.

Will Mr. & Mrs. Smith Season 2 Be Greenlit?

Unsurprisingly, Season 1’s ending was meant to be an ambiguous one to an offbeat love story. Though, that is not something everyone tends to vibe with.

While it willl work for many, there are just as many people who feel that ambiguous endings like that are simply cop-outs and a lazy, non-committal way of “finishing” the story.

Either way, audiences are still hoping for some sort of continuation in the form of a Season 2.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Mr. & Mrs. Smith showrunner Francesca Sloane confirmed that they have some "really cool, big ideas for a Season 2," which they’ll be happy to make "should the opportunity present itself."

Francesca’s full interview with The Direct can be seen below:

As it currently stands, there is no official word on if a Season 2 will happen.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith is now streaming on Prime Video.

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