Ms. Marvel: Best Look Yet at MCU's Red Dagger Revealed (Photo)

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Red Dagger, Ms. Marvel

Early June will bring Marvel Studios' next project in Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel, the first-ever live-action adaptation for one of the MCU's youngest new heroes. Featuring an incredible supporting cast of characters along with other key heroes like the Red Dagger, Ms. Marvel looks set to expand on Marvel Studios' narrative after the thrills of Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Even considering everything that fans saw in the show's first trailer, there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding important characters and plot lines that will drive Ms. Marvel forward. Family and friends will clearly be a key theme as shown by the series' most recent poster, but it's still unknown who Kamala Khan is fighting and what she will have to push through to fully become a hero.

Some of those questions have been answered through merchandising for Ms. Marvel, even teasing her status as the MCU's biggest Avengers fangirl.

Now, a new line of clothing has brought one of Kamala's key supporting players into the spotlight with the best look yet at the character.

Marvel Shows Ms. Marvel's Red Dagger

Amazon listed new promotional material for Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel, which included two new shirts featuring Aramis Knight's Red Dagger.

The vigilante hero is fully shown on a white t-shirt donning a dagger in each hand and a red mask over his nose and mouth. Additionally, his superhero name is imprinted in big lettering next to him as he jumps forward:

Ms. Marvel, Red Dagger
Marvel Studios

A long-sleeved black shirt shows off an intricate gold design with Pakistani influence, all surrounding six red daggers in the center of the design. Knight himself isn't included in this other image:

Ms. Marvel, Red Dagger
Marvel Studios


Red Dagger Highlighted in Promo Material

Of all the characters that have been teased for the upcoming Ms. Marvel series, almost none have been shrouded in more mystery than Red Dagger.

The enigmatic Kareem is a fellow crime-fighter from New Jersey who teams up with Kamala in the comics on numerous occasions, helping the young heroine adjust to her new life as a superhero. In the comics, he takes on a role as a foreign exchange student from Pakistan that lives with the Khan family, starting their relationship as Kamala learns about her powers.

There were only tiny glimpses of the MCU's take on the Red Dagger in the first trailer, and it's still largely unclear how he will fit into the larger narrative. However, seeing Knight appear on shirts like this makes it clear that Marvel Studios has plans for him to be just as important to Kamala on the small screen as he is on the comic pages.

With six weeks remaining until Ms. Marvel makes its debut, Red Dagger could be a character that the studio is keeping in the shadows for a bigger reveal at a later date. But for now, these shirts will be quite a popular item as fans wait to learn more about this largely unknown supporting hero.

Ms. Marvel will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 8.

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