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MCU Moon Knight Trailer Date and New Footage Revealed in TV Spot

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By Liam Crowley

Marvel Studios is shaping up for another packed calendar year of content, with 2022 promising to bring quite the variety. The 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming slate was exclusively spin-offs and sequels, from WandaVision to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but 2022's Disney+ docket is dominated by debuts, including She-Hulk and Moon Knight.

While release dates remain unconfirmed, the latter looks to be kicking off Marvel's 2022 streaming slate. Moon Knight wrapped filming this past October and has been heavily rumored for an early 2022 premiere. This Oscar Isaac-led series did reportedly return for reshoots earlier this week, but those takes are rumored to only last for "only a few days." 

Regardless of the reshoots, Moon Knight appears on track to meet that rumored Q1 release.

What Time Does Moon Knight's Trailer Release?

Marvel's first streaming series of 2022 is rapidly approaching.

Hulu's Twitter account debuted the latest look at Moon Knight, featuring new glimpses of Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector and the first footage of Ethan Hawke's unknown role. Hawke's mystery man has the sole line of dialogue in this 15-second teaser, as he frighteningly remarks "there's chaos in you" to an off-screen character.

The social media spot also revealed the first full trailer for Moon Knight will arrive this Monday during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup on ESPN and ABC, which starts at 8:15 pm ET. The exact time of the trailer's release is still unconfirmed, although, based on past trailer debuts during Monday Night Football games, fans can expect Moon Knight's teaser to arrive between the first quarter and the end of halftime, approximately between the times of 8:45pm ET and 9:45pm ET.

You can watch the brief social spot below:


Marc Spector Inches Closer

While this new footage doesn't give much of the plot away, this latest look at Moon Knight points to a premiere date arriving sooner rather than later.

Unlike MCU movies, Marvel's streaming shows run a much tighter marketing campaign. While Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are outliers, as both of those shows dropped teasers at 2020's Disney Investor Day, Hawkeye debuted its first trailer just two months before its two-episode premiere in late November.

If Moon Knight is following Hawkeye's lead, fans can expect this series to arrive sometime in the next two months. The only obstacle in its immediate future is The Book of Boba Fett, which occupies Disney+ Wednesdays until February 9. If Disney+ is looking to pass the streaming momentum baton from Star Wars to Marvel immediately, just as Hawkeye did for Boba Fett in December, Moon Knight could debut as early as February 16.

While first trailers for shows like WandaVision and Loki concluded with "streaming soon" rather than giving a definitive date, both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye announced their pilot premieres along with their first footage. History says Moon Knight's release announcement is a toss-up, but Monday's trailer will tell all.

Moon Knight debuts its first trailer this Monday, January 17.