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Moon Knight Jake Lockley Final Episodes

For five weeks now, Moon Knight has had Marvel fans enraptured with its mysterious story focused on ancient Egyptian mythology. Audiences worldwide have been introduced to Oscar Issac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant, someone who is coming to grips with their disassociation personality disorder. This split has Isaac portraying more than one character, as well as the titular hero of the show. 

But could there be more alternate personas on the way? The closing moments of Episode 5 seemingly teased that yet another personality would be revealed in time.

After Marvel Comic character Bertrand Crawley showed up in the latest episode, eagle-eyed fans have deduced that this new third version Isaac's hero could be Jake Lockley. On the page, Lockley is a cab driver who uses Crawley as an informant, so it would make a lot of sense if he were to show up. 

Nothing has been confirmed in regard to Lockley's inclusion, but new quotes supposedly hint at him joining the adventure. 

Oscar Isaac on Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley Crypt in Moon Inight TV

In an interview with ComicBookMoon Knight star Oscar Isaac opened up on the inclusion of Jake Lockley (a third personality of Mark Spector's) in the Disney+ series. 

Addressing teases to the character Isaac said "I’d say that you’re right." He elaborated saying "things are pointing towards" there possibly be other personalities for the titular character aside from Mark Spector and Steven Grant:

"That it’s definitely things are pointing towards the idea that it’s not just Steven and Marc in that system, that there’s possibly others. Yeah, that’s something that we discussed. Two episodes left to find out.”

In the same interview, the MCU newcomer mentioned what Moon Knight stories he would like to see tackled in the future for the character. He picked out "the Bushman saga" citing his hero "cutting off someone’s face:"

“Yeah, I mean, look, the Bushman saga, that whole thing was pretty amazing,” Isaac said. “You can’t beat cutting off someone’s face and then surviving. I mean, that’s a pretty good villain’s backstory. Yeah, that’s amazing."

Getting in the Head of a Hero

At the end of Moon Knight's latest episode fans got their first look at what seems to be the inside of the titular hero's head. Inside this stark white asylum came the tease of yet another personality joining Mark and Steven in the Moon Knight fun. 

When Isaac's two characters made their way through this asylum, the pair swing open a door to find a screaming sarcophagus. If this mysterious facility is in fact some sort of internal monologue of Isaac's hero, then this sarcophagus is almost certainly housing yet another personality (aka Lockley). 

One hippo-sized wrench thrown into this theory though is the inclusion of Egyptian Goddess Taweret. While she could be present inside the head of Moon Knight, her arrival does pose some questions as to where exactly this new locale is. 

Either way, the teases for Lockley are there, so do not be surprised if he shows up in the last two episodes of Moon Knight.

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