Moon Knight Soundtrack Could Spoil Moments In the Final 2 Episodes

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As Moon Knight inches closer to its last two episodes, the Marvel series seems poised to deliver a thrilling and intriguing finale. Episode 4 revealed a shocking ending that raised more questions than answers, with Marc Spector being unveiled as a patient inside a mental asylum. Not only that, but Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow is his therapist, while May Calamawy's Layla is another patient. 

The latest episode's mystery is expected to be answered in one of the final two installments. Still, this hasn't stopped fans from speculating on what's really happening in the Disney+ series.

Now, more potential clues have emerged about what will happen in Moon Knight's final episodes. 

Moon Knight's Intense Final Episodes 

Moon Knight Episode 5

Warning - the rest of this article may contain minor spoilers for Episodes 5 & 6 of Moon Knight.

Film Music Reporter shared Moon Knight's full tracklist, previewing what's in store for the last two episodes of the MCU series. 

The 33-song tracklist includes notable scores from the show's first four episodes, such as "Moon Knight" and "Storage Locker." The song titles listed from 20 onward are likely to be from the last two episodes. The full tracklist can be seen below: 

1. Moon Knight (2:10)
2. The Village (1:36)
3. Village Scales (2:13)
4. Phone and Elevator Blues (2:09)
5. Chaos Within (3:37)
6. Full Moon Fight (2:13)
7. Storage Locker (2:36)
8. What Suit? (2:48)
9. Moonlight Fight (3:19)
10. Fake Passport (2:33)
11. She Is Here (4:37)
12. The Sky (2:34)
13. The Boat (2:05)
14. Takes the Body (3:06)
15. Constellation (4:16)
16. No Suit (3:29)
17. The Kiss (1:54)
18. Eye of Horus (1:11)
19. Welcome Travelers (1:42)
20. Weight of Hearts (2:33)
21. The Cave (2:56)
22. All Your Fault (1:55)
23. Open the Door (1:45)
24. Give Her a Call (3:12)
25. The Inevitable (5:15)
26. Humble Disciple (4:15)
27. Befriending Myself (3:32)
28. Rise and Shine (2:43)
29. We Need More (1:30)
30. New Skillsets (6:08)
31. I’ll Never Stop (2:36)
32. Meet My Friend (0:37)
33. Summon the Suit (2:17)

For starters, "Weight of Hearts" could be teasing the return of the Ennead, meaning that they could be summoned by Marc Spector to plead his case to free Khonshu. "New Skillets" could hint at a new power for either Arthur Harrow or Moon Knight, while "Summon the Suit" could tease the eventual return of the Fist of Vengeance in the finale. 

What's Next for Oscar Isaac's Marvel Hero?

The anticipation for Moon Knight's final two episodes is high, and this listing could hint at what is about to happen to Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, and Arthur Harrow. 

"The Cave" could serve as a reference to Ammit's Tomb, while "Give Her a Call" could be in reference to Steven's phone call with his mother.  A previous casting call confirmed that Steven's father will be involved in some form in the final two episodes, and this track could play whenever that flashback sequence starts. 

Oscar Isaac previously teased how Moon Knight ends, saying that the show tries to "map out the journey of integration" of one's mentality and experiences. "Befriending Myself" could be in reference to Isaac's quote, mainly because it presents an opportunity for integration. 

"Meet My Friend" could play in Moon Knight's post-credits tease due to its short length. The title could refer to a new character, potentially Jake Lockley or even Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner. If Banner does appear in the series, it's possible that Steven could be the one who seeks him out for help with a dissociative identity disorder. 

"Humble Disciple" could set up Harrow's transformation into something more dangerous, especially now that the door is wide open for Ammit's ascension. "Rise and Shine" could play at a point where Marc wakes up from being shot, with the mental asylum being revealed as fake. 

"I'll Never Stop" could be teasing Marc Spector's choice of being Moon Knight after the series, thus leading to more MCU appearances. 

Moon Knight's first four episodes are now streaming on Disney+. 

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