Moon Knight Episode 5 Runtime Revealed In Advance

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Marvel Studios' Moon Knight quickly approaches the end of its wild run on Disney+, putting Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector into the MCU spotlight for the first time in Phase 4. Each new episode has featured insane reveals at every turn, with Episode 4 going so far as to include the physical manifestation of an Egyptian goddess inside Marc's head after his interaction with Steven Grant.

Through the first four weeks, fans have gotten their usual round of longer MCU Disney+ episodes, as has been the case with most of Phase 4's entries outside of WandaVision and the animated What If...?. Before Moon Knight premiered, fans learned that the first four episodes were anywhere from 45 to 51 minutes in length without credits, which proved to be accurate when the show arrived.

Each Disney+ show in total brings anywhere from five to six hours of new content to the MCU, meaning that Episodes 5 and 6 should be in the same range as their predecessors in terms of runtime. Now, a new leak has confirmed that to be the case as fans learn how long Episode 5 will be when it begins airing next week.

Leak Reveals Runtime for Next Moon Knight Entry

Moon Knight Episode 5

Reliable scooper Amit Chaudhari revealed on Twitter that Episode 5 of Moon Knight will be 47 minutes long. However, this might not be the exact time that Disney+ ends up showing.

There's often some slight difference between the runtimes that are reported in advance by insiders like Chaudhari versus the final runtimes which get displayed on Disney+. Much of the discrepancy comes from clocking the time of the entirety of credits, specifically the subtitle language credits which play at the very ends of episodes. Given that early reports listed Moon Knight's first four episodes as about 2 to 3 minutes shorter than their final Disney+, fans may potentially see a small uptick in Episode 5's reported 47-minute runtime when it drops this Wednesday.

For reference, the final displayed runtimes for the first four episodes are listed below:

  • Episode 1 - 48 minutes
  • Episode 2- 53 minutes
  • Episode 3 - 53 minutes
  • Episode 4 - 53 minutes

Moon Knight Continues Runtime Trend

Thus far, the runtimes from the first 4 episodes of Moon Knight have totaled approximately 207 minutes, which comes out to just under three and a half hours of story. A 47-minute episode next week would be right in line with how much time remains in total for the series, even with other shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye having longer fifth entries.

In terms of story beats, Episode 5 should be jam-packed with action and drama alike as Marc figures out how to come back from the dead and reunite with the Moon God Khonshu. Fans also have to find out what Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow truly has in store with his plan before he engages in one final epic battle with Marc Spector under the moon.

Episode 5 of Moon Knight will begin streaming on Disney+ on April 27.

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