MCU Writer Reveals Major Change For Season 2 of Marvel's What If

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The MCU brought its first animated project to Disney+ with What If...?, and the series has resulted in nothing but success throughout the first season.

Fans have been treated to familiar faces and stories from every corner of the universe, except with a spin. For example, the show has explored what it would have been like if Peggy Carter had taken the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers, and viewers have even got to see what a brutal zombie apocalypse would look like with Earth's Mightiest Heroes thrown into the middle of it.

Marvel Studios already confirmed that What If...? will be receiving a second season, but little has been revealed about what fans can expect to see when it hits Disney+. One small detail that is known is that an episode centered around comedy was meant to be included in season one and was pushed to Season 2 due to the effects of COVID-19.

The show's head writer, A.C. Bradley, also teased that Season 2 will get even weirder than the first and has recently opened up more about what, or who, could show up in the future.

What If...? Season Two Focuses on Characters

Marvel's What If

In a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklyWhat If...? head writer A.C. Bradley sat down to talk about the future of the show, specifically what could be expected in Season 2.

Bradley alluded to the fact that the series' first season has showcased "big, let's end the world, let's kill everyone" episodes. She then went on to say that "character stories" will be the direction that Season 2 will go more in, allowing viewers to see a "different side" to their favorite characters:

"[Season 2 will] focus a lot more on the character stories and these heroes and showing a different side of them that people don't expect and hopefully they can relate to."

What If...?'s Character Development

The first season of What If...? has done an exceptional job in accomplishing what it set out to do, which is to showcase strange storylines on an epic scale.

Episode 5 featured a zombie apocalypse that plagued the entire world, and in the 30-minute runtime that it had, many of the characters that have been a part of the MCU for years were brutally killed.

There have been other episodes that have been centered around "end of the world" storylines, which have been enjoyable but lacked character development. Bradley teasing that Season 2 will "focus a lot more on the character stories" is a good sign, and hopefully, that will include both new and already established characters.

Season 1's fourth episode featured this format when it dove into the mind and soul of Doctor Strange as he continuously lost the love of his life, Christine Palmer. The character development of Doctor Strange was heavily praised after the episode aired, and if a majority of Season 2's episodes will be told in a similar way, the show could be praised even more than it is now.

The Season 1 finale of What If...? will stream exclusively on Disney+ on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. 

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