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MCU Writer Teases 'Weirder' Season 2 For Marvel's What If

What If...? Marvel Season 2 Characters
By Richard Nebens

Over the past couple of months, Marvel Studios has seen quite the successful run with its first-ever dip into the world of animation - What If...?.

With seven individual tales coming over the past seven weeks and two still left to premiere, fans have gotten a taste of alternate realities with new takes on classic stories from the Infinity Saga. Kicking things off with Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter and continuing on with tales of a zombie apocalypse, Party Thor, and more, this series has had the creative freedom to go on one wild ride after another.

The series also became a trendsetter by coming in as the first Disney+ series with rumors pointing toward a second season, although Marvel Studios is now the last to officially confirm this.

News reports have already teased some action coming in Season 2, and there are still questions about what fans should expect to see in the immediate future as well. Now, another returning staff member is hinting at even more craziness on the way for the next round of stories.

AC Bradley Teases Fun In What If Season 2

What If Season 2

What If...? head writer AC Bradley spoke with Deadline's Hero Nation podcast about what Marvel Studios is planning in Season 2 of its first animated Disney+ show.

Keeping specific details hidden, Bradley teased that "the training wheels come off," allowing the team to bring "weirder" and "wilder" things to the story. She even revealed that one episode has a lot of "(her) own personality" infused, including a hilarious mention of "bad 90's clothing choices:"

"Season 2 is a lot of fun. The training wheels come off, and we get to do a little bit weirder, wilder. There’s one episode which is probably the closest to my own personality I’ve ever written. It’s heartfelt. It’s full of action and bad ‘90s clothing choices."

Weirder and Wilder For What If's Next Round

Even though Season 2 of What If...? has still not been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, these quotes come as yet another hint towards even more madness on the way in the animated realm.

Already set for the next season is an episode centered on Phase 4's Black Widow movie along with reportedly one of the funniest episodes that was originally meant for release in Season 1. These quotes from Bradley seem to indicate that this is only the tip of the iceberg for what Marvel Studios has in store.

While the mention of '90s clothes could potentially indicate one story based on 2019's Captain Marvel, Season 1 has proved that literally anything is possible with animation as the core storytelling medium. This comes on top of the hint that Season 2 is only set to get "weirder" and "wilder" with nothing holding the team back in terms of potential alternate reality storylines.

Season 2 is also confirmed to include more entries based off movies from Phase 4, although the number of movies included depends on when exactly the next series of episodes for What If...? releases. For now, speculation continues to run rampant on which specific movies will be represented this season and next.

The last two episodes of What If...? Season 1 will premiere on Disney+ on September 29 and October 6.

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