Marvel Rumor Reveals ANOTHER Super Soldier Coming to the MCU

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According to recent rumors, a brand-new super soldier character will be arriving in the upcoming Marvel movie, Thunderbolts.

Super soldiers have been a part of the MCU since Phase 1, with Chris Evans' Steve Rogers being the first character to feel the effects of the serum that gave him enhanced physical abilities.

Other characters throughout the franchise have been given different variations of the serum with similar outcomes, and it appears as though Thunderbolts will add another name to the growing list of super soldiers when the film is released on July 26, 2024.

Thunderbolts' Sentry Rumored To Be Super Soldier

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Insider KC Walsh recently shared via Twitter that Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, or Val for short, will be creating her own super soldier in the upcoming Thunderbolts film.

Walsh added that this all happened prior to any script changes for the film, and described that this would be why the Thunderbolts team is assembled by Val:

"Before script changes it sounded like Val makes her own super soilder, he escapes her control, and now she has to have a team go collect him."

The antagonist for the film that is being referenced is thought to be Sentry, a character that is also made a super soldier through an experiment with a type of super soldier serum in the comics.

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Another insider CanWeGetSomeToast revealed via Twitter that Sentry is in fact going to be "the physical antagonist" in the film but also stated that it is all because of Val's actions:

"A bit of clarification on #Thunderbolts: Yes, #Sentry is the PHYSICAL antagonist for the team, but the mastermind behind it all is Val."

They also added in a separate tweet that it is important to note Val's involvement in the whole process, saying, "Remember, Sentry is created by Val."

With both insiders' comments pieced together, it appears as though the villain will in fact be Sentry, and he will be Val's attempt to create a super soldier before he escapes her grasp, forcing her to assemble the Thunderbolts to take him down.

CanWeGetSomeToast also hinted that the Void will be making an appearance in the film with another tweet where they reacted to someone posting a video of Sentry turning into the Void.

The Void is Sentry's evil alter-ego that is bound to him and can't be controlled. Dangerous and destructive in every way possible, it is likely that the Void will be what causes Sentry to escape from Val's control.

Can the Thunderbolts Defeat Sentry?

The super soldier serum that was given to Steve Rogers has tried to be recreated for the Winter Soldier, Red Guardian, John Walker, Isaiah Bradley, and others. Now it seems as though Val will be doing the same for Sentry. However, the enhanced version of Robert Reynolds will be the least of Val and the Thunderbolts' worries when the Void inevitably makes an appearance. 

The team that Val assembles to take down Sentry will include three super soldiers in itself with Red Guardian, John Walker, and the Winter Solider, proving just how much of a threat Sentry is going to be.

Due to how incredibly powerful Sentry is, even with a full team of heroes that have already proven themselves against other threats, it is hard to imagine that they will be able to take him down.

It has also been previously rumored that a Sentry solo project is in the works at Marvel Studios, which would mean that the character obviously isn't defeated in Thunderbolts.

Who knows how the events will ultimately play out, but if the film does end up pitting the group of characters against Val's super-soldier-gone-wrong experiment, they are in for the fight of their lives - a fight that a few of them may not make it out of.

Thunderbolts is slated to premiere in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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