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With some time having passed since the debut of Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s become clear that the project has been somewhat divisive amongst fans. Some disliked the direction in which director Taika Waititi took the movie, while others absolutely loved it. But something most people can agree on is the excitement that came from the introduction of one character in particular: Hercules.

The surprise came in the mid-credits scene for the movie, as Russell Crowe’s Zeus monologued about his anger towards Chris Hemsworth's Thor. Once the camera switched off of the scorned God’s face, audiences were then treated to a fully comic-accurate take on Hercules -the powerful character was even played by the one and only Brett Goldstein, of Ted Lasso fame.

Sadly, all the character does is stand up and agree to his father’s demands, largely there to set up the Thor franchise's future. But even just briefly seeing the character was enough for most people—at least for now.

While there may not be any more footage of the character to feed to hungry fans, a new piece of concept art has been released that gives audiences their best look at Goldstein’s iconic duds.

A Close Look at Hercules' Design

he full costumeThanks to Marvel Studios' Director of Visual Development and Concept Artist Andy Park, fans now have the first look at the full costume for Brett Goldstein's Hercules from Thor: Love and Thunder.

On Instagram, Park shared a new image of the character, showcasing his outfit in full detail.

Hercules, Thor, Love and Thunder

The costume is fantastic, as not only does it look great, but it's a direct adaptation from the pages of the comics.

Hercules, Thor, Love and Thunder

It's a shame it was only used for a very brief scene, and with the character by himself, no less.

Hercules, Thor, Love and Thunder

When Might Hercules Return?

As exciting as it was to have Brett Goldstein enter the MCU, bringing Hercules to life no less, many will agree that now fans just want more of the character. But, sadly, there aren’t any real signs of when Hercules might show his face.

The prospects of a fifth Thor movie are currently unknown, but it doesn't seem very likely given Marvel Studios’ overflowing slate of projects over the next few years. So when might fans expect to see him crop up again?

Maybe Eternals 2, if it's ever properly announced, will be an opportunity for both him and Thor to pop up, given its cosmic scale and setting. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is also a potential spot for more of the character, seeing as he does have a history with the Kang-centric organization in the comics.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios has some surprises up its sleeves, and fans will reunite with Brett Goldstein sooner rather than later.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.

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