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As exciting as Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is, his recent film, Love and Thunder, introduced stiff competition: Brett Goldstein’s Hercules. In the first post-credits scene, it’s revealed that Zeus is alive and well; mad even. So infuriated that he sends his son—the aforementioned character—to kill the God of Thunder.

Sadly, it’s not clear when that specific story thread may end up going anywhere. With Thor still alive and well, it’s just a matter of time before he shows up on screen again. Maybe it’ll be with Hercules nipping at his heels?

In a recent Q&A, Love and Thunder’s director, Taika Waititi, commented on the future of the character. He also let it slip that he didn’t even know who Hercules was before putting him into the four-quel.

The Future of Hercules

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During a Q&A as part of a screening for Thor: Love and Thunder, director Taika Waititi commented on the inclusion of Brett Goldstein as Hercules and how he doesn’t have any knowledge of that sphere of the Marvel world.

Waititi let it slip how the introduction of Hercules will be “opening up a whole new thing,” something that he “won’t be invited to come be a part of:”

“And then [Louis D’Esposito?] is like, we’re gonna introduce Hercules, and um, that made no sense to me, I didn’t even know that was a character in Marvel, but um, apparently it is, and um... It was good, I know it’s opening up a whole new thing, uh, which I won’t be invited to come and be a part of, but I’m happy for everyone who loves Greek Gods.”

Hercules - A Future Avenger?

So what will the character’s future look like?

Maybe when Hercules’ attempts to kill Thor inevitably fail, Odinson will feel some pity towards him and try to set him up for a role within the Avengers. After all, what better consolation prize than becoming one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Though, if Waititi claims not to be invited, maybe those plans aren’t part of a Thor project.

Could Brett Goldstein be prepping for an unannounced project for his character? Maybe Marvel Studios is set to announce the mystery movie or series during its big D23 presentation.

He’s far from the only character who is waiting in the wings for the MCU to bring them back into the picture. Eternals introduced Eros and Pip the Troll, whose future is completely unknown—though Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said they have plans for them.

Hopefully, the same truly does apply to Hercules, as he's a big character in the comics, so many fans are likely crossing their fingers that he gets the same treatment for the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now playing in theaters.

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