Will Chris Hemsworth's Thor Battle Hercules? MCU Actor Responds

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Throughout Phase 4, Marvel Studios has added many new heroes to its roster, the latest of which comes with Brett Goldstein's Hercules, who made his debut in Thor: Love and Thunder. The son of Russel Crowe's Zeus made his debut in the mid-credits scene as he was sent by his father to take on Chris Hemsworth's Thor and prove why his pantheon of gods must be feared.

Thor and Hercules have had an entangled comic history ever since the Greek God debuted as a rival to the God of Thunder in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 back in 1965. Over the years, they have fought countless times, usually leading to either Thor's victory or a stalemate. 

Now, fans wait in anticipation to see the titans of two pantheons face off in the MCU down the line. There's still no word on when that will come, but the actor behind Hercules teased how he will be preparing for it.

Hercules Actor Teases Chris Hemsworth's Thor Battle

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During a recent interview with Entertainment TonightThor: Love and Thunder's Hercules actor Brett Goldstein discussed the plans for his Greek god to face off with Chris Hemsworth's Norse hero. 

When asked if the two godly figures will duke it out at some point, the Ted Lasso star joked about how Hemsworth "seems like a small guy" of a "similar build" to him:

"Yeah, I mean, he seems like a small guy. We're a similar build."

Goldstein also spoke to Extra TV to discuss how he'd be preparing to go toe-to-toe with Hemsworth and how he would need to be "having 19 chickens a day" to catch up to his size:

Goldstein: “I’m going to be having 19 chickens a day… Chicken and veg all day, all night, in your sleep.”

Interviewer: "That's what they do! All the Chris Hemsworth's, everybody does it."

Goldstein: "That's the rules, right? 19 chickens and some protein..."

Interviewer: "It's all chickens. Chickens and veggies, right?"

Goldstein: "Chicken and veg all day, all night, in your sleep.”

Will Hemsworth's Thor Beat Goldstein's Hercules?

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Thor and Hercules have gone to battle many times in the comics. In fact, the son of Zeus first debuted as a rival of the God of Thunder all the way back in 1965. Their rivalry may be long-standing, but it's usually portrayed as fun, friendly, and competitive. 

With the help of Mjolnir, Thor tends to come out on top, although he often puts the hammer down to fight Hercules, only utilizing his strength against the Greek God out of pride. Without his infamous hammer, the battle of the titans often ends in a stalemate.

Despite their vicious rivalry, Thor and Hercules are both members of the Avengers, so their inevitable battle ought to end with the two teaming up against a greater threat. Perhaps Hercules will even join the Avengers in the next ensemble blockbuster - he would be a powerhouse addition to the roster.

Hemsworth stands at 6'3 and weighed around 220 pounds for Love and Thunder; Goldstein comes in at 5'11 and roughly 163 pounds. Both actors are jacked with excellent physiques, but Goldstein may need to bulk up to stand toe-to-toe with Hemsworth in his next MCU appearance.

In terms of when Thor and Hercules will finally fight, that's a much tougher question, but the obvious guesses are Thor 5 or Avengers 5. On the other hand, perhaps Marvel Studios has a solo movie or Disney+ series on the cards for Goldstein's Hercules.

Thor: Love and Thunder is playing now in theaters worldwide.

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