Marvel's WandaVision Composer Teases Epic First Season Arc

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Wanda Maximoff, Wanda and Vision

On January 15, WandaVision will officially usher in a “visionary new era” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The premiere of the highly-anticipated Disney+ series signals the start of a jam-packed 2021 for the MCU, and it's only fitting that the Infinity Saga's most powerful hero, Wanda Maximoff, will begin the next chapter of the monumental franchise.

As expected, plot details of WandaVision are still being kept under wraps, but the marketing for the show strongly hinted that the concept of the multiverse will play a major role in the narrative. More so, it was evident that the MCU series will be greatly inspired by various sitcoms across several decades of television , but it remains to be seen how Wanda and Vision ended up in this particular scenario in the first place.

Still, the mystery surrounding WandaVision is more than enough to boost fan excitement, especially considering the fact that no MCU projects were released during 2020 . And now, an exciting new comment from a member of the hardworking crew of the show has emerged, adding more hype to the imminent series premiere next week.


Kristen Anderson-Lopez, one-half of the composers of the original theme song of WandaVision , shared that the MCU series is “perhaps the most innovative use of “form is content” storytelling I’ve ever experienced in my life:”

In addition, the Frozen songwriter also teased that each episode of the upcoming Disney+ series is a “super-satisfying story” while also hinting that all of it will be part of a “larger season arc.”


As it is, Kristen's comments should serve as a strong reminder of how WandaVision will reinvent the storytelling approach under the small screen banner. The composer's use of the word “innovative” is fitting since this will mark the first time that a sitcom will be seamlessly combined with a full-blown MCU movie, meaning that the show has the potential to go where no other projects could.

Based on what's been revealed so far, WandaVision appears to start as a sitcom in the first few episodes before it eventually transitions into an MCU spectacle that fans are familiar with.

It's possible that Marvel Studios will incorporate a unique way to tell the story of WandaVision , potentially switching from an alternate reality setting to showing the effects of Wanda's creation to the real world in every episode. On the flip side, there's also a good chance that the first half of the already-confirmed nine-episode run will be entirely set in the sitcom-based reality, and the latter half could serve as a flashback of how this parallel world was created.

As a result, the finale could feature a resolution of the alternate reality shenanigans of WandaVision , likely showcasing a full-on showdown between Wanda and the unknown threat that is pulling the strings.

Regardless, WandaVision seems to be the perfect choice to kick off Phase 4 since it will likely change the landscape of the MCU in exciting ways.

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