Marvel’s WandaVision Producer Admits Show Is Complicated

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Marvel Studios is less than four weeks from introducing WandaVision as its first Disney+ series and the first project of Phase 4. The show's cast and crew are now neck-deep into interviews and chats to promote the show, teasing what’s coming while keeping the story’s central plot under wraps.

The series is set to be told through the lens of at least six different decades of network television as Wanda and Vision settle down and live as normal a life as an android and a superhero can live together. This setup is making for some interesting discussions about what’s coming in this series, particularly regarding the mystery surrounding how real Wanda's reality actually is.

This mix of show elements is sure to make for one of the MCU’s most unique viewing experiences, as confirmed by a new article exploring what’s ahead.


In a new article from the Emmy Magazine, WandaVision co-executive producer Mary Livanos explained how "complicated" the story of the series is when taking into account its connection to the greater MCU:

The show is complicated because we’re incorporating the rules of the MCU and narrowing in on suburban family sitcoms - but not all the episodes are structurally similar. What’s fun about it is that it leads the audience to ask questions about when this takes place or whether this is a social experiment and if this is an alternative reality and an unraveling of the mystery. We’re excited that the Disney+ platform allows us the creative space to play around.


Without knowing specifics behind how this series will advance the overarching story of the MCU, everything released thus far is teasing a narratively and visually unique project for MCU standards.

Livanos' confirmation that WandaVision's episodes will differ in structure is intriguing. Fans are already aware that WandaVision's first episode will be imitating a 1950s sitcom; perhaps the series' episodes will vary in terms of how much sitcom-spoofing is mixed with the real-world plot involving Darcy Lewis, Agent Jimmy Woo, and Monica Rambeau.

WandaVision will be Marvel Studios first venture into the Disney+ arena, which should prove to be a whole new set of challenges in and of itself as the MCU brings over a dozen confirmed series to life. This will be a noticeable change from the Infinity Saga, which was all told through blockbuster movies, and the Marvel team is undoubtedly looking forward to how things will play out with smaller stories every week in a format closer to that of standard television.

WandaVision will begin streaming on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

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