Marvel's Venom 3 Gains Unsurprising Director

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Tom Hardy's Venom franchise is still moving along following the release of its first two entries. And now, a threequel is set to be made in the form of an untitled Venom 3.

The plot details of Venom 3 are still being kept under wraps, but Hardy previously teased that they are looking for ways to "go bigger" while also mentioning Multiversal possibilities. Moreover, a past social media post from the Venom lead actor could also be teasing his "last dance" as the titular anti-hero in the threequel. 

While fans are waiting when production for the movie will eventually begin, a new concrete update has emerged that could hint that filming could start in the near future.

Who is the Director of Venom 3?

Venom, Tom Hardy

Deadline shared that Kelly Marcel will serve as director of Sony Pictures' Venom 3 starring Tom Hardy. This news isn't surprising, considering that Marcel served as the writer and producer of the first two Venom films. 

The outlet also noted that Marcel will join Hardy as a producer while also writing the screenplay from a story developed by the pair. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, and Hutch Parker are also producing. 

Deadline's insiders noted that Hardy and Marcel "have always been on the same page" in terms of shaping Venom's story, with the pair knowing exactly which direction to take the titular anti-hero's final chapter.  

Marcel is also known for helping launch the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise by writing its first film. 

What is Venom 3's Story? 

This latest update is a promising sign for Venom 3, considering that Kelly Marcel has been involved with the Tom Hardy-led franchise from the start. The writer and producer's transition to the director's chair could mean that she wants to end Venom's journey on a high note

Moreover, Hardy and Marcel's extensive collaboration for the Venom franchise means that they want to get the story right for the threequel. This could hint at the movie finally having meaningful connections to other projects from Sony's Marvel Universe, such as Morbius and even Madame Web

Spider-Man: No Way Home might've also teased Venom 3's story, with Eddie Brock mentioning in the threequel's mid-credits scene that he needs to talk to Spider-Man in New York before being sent back to his own universe. It's possible that the web-slinger of Sony's Marvel Universe will finally appear in Venom 3 if the studio decides to follow up on the No Way Home cliffhanger. 

Hopefully, more story details about Venom 3 will start to emerge, especially now that it already landed its director. 

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