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Marvel Studios Head Debunks Wolverine Casting Rumors

By Pierre Chanliau

During the online press tour for WandaVision , Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been asked numerous questions about the MCU's future. Most obviously, Feige has been questioned about the eventual inclusion of mutants and whether fans can expect any seeds to be planted in WandaVision . While Kevin Feige would not confirm any of these seeds in WandaVision , he did assure fans that Marvel Studios does know when and where to introduce mutants into the MCU.

There have been previous rumors regarding some casting for certain X-Men, such as Taron Egerton as Wolverine , which even the actor was forced to deny as mere speculation on the part of fans. Kevin Feige was asked whether he and Marvel Studios have already had internal thoughts about casting, leading him to deny recent casting rumors regarding the X-Men.


In an interview with Collider, Kevin Feige was asked about whether he has an actor in mind for Wolverine or if that would still be too far out with Feige simply responding with a blunt “No.”


While Kevin Feige did say that discussions about the X-Men in the MCU “have been long and ongoing internally,” that certainly doesn't mean that Marvel Studios is far enough ahead that they're already thinking of casting actors for roles and certainly not Wolverine. There are still an endless amount of possibilities for Marvel Studios to introduce X-Men like Wolverine into the MCU without repeating what Fox has already done, such as making Dafne Keen's Laura the new Wolverine.

Even Logan director James Mangold expects Marvel Studios' Wolverine to finally wear the classic yellow costume , which Hugh Jackman never wore in any of the Fox movies. Fans will just have to be patient to see Kevin Feige adapt the mutants into the MCU and see a new actor in the role of Logan.

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