Marvel Studios' Grim Reaper Actor Choice Reportedly Revealed

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Marvel Studios Grim Reaper

Marvel Studios is reportedly talking with an actor to play Wonder Man's Grim Reaper on Disney+

The Hollywood-based MCU series, which stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Simon Williams/Wonder Man and Ben Kingsley's Trevor Slattery, is reportedly in development.

Since Marvel Studios is seemingly decreasing its Disney+ output, fans don't know whether Wonder Man will be affected or when to expect its debut.

However, this report gives the MCU faithful an idea of who Marvel Studios wants for the role and who to expect as this comic book antagonist.

Marvel Eyes Wonder Man's Grim Reaper Casting

Grim Reaper Marvel Comics

According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel Studios is in talks with actor Demetrius Grosse to play Grim Reaper in Wonder Man.

Grosse is known for appearing in series like Fear the Walking Dead and The Rookie as well as movies like Rampage and 13 Hours. He also appeared in an episode of Lovecraft Country, starring Kang the Conqueror's own Jonathan Majors. 

Demetrius Grosse
Demetrius Grosse

Just like in the comics, Wonder Man's Grim Reaper is named Eric Williams, and he's both the brother and arch-nemesis of Wonder Man's Simon Williams. 

It's also worth noting that Marvel's Grim Reaper wasn't a spiritual being but rather a supervillain with a high-tech scythe for a hand. However, some comic book versions of the character are capable of necromancy and illusion casting. 

Grim Reaper Has Already Made an MCU Cameo

While Marvel Studios appears to be scaling back its volume of content, especially in terms of Disney+, it's hard to say when audiences will see Wonder Man or potentially Demetrius Grosse as Grim Reaper.

However, given that the studio is rumored to be "in talks" with the actor, it's likely that this Disney+ series still has the greenlight and that fans will be hearing updates soon. 

These conversations may also be due to Grim Reaper's comic book connections to Tom King's Vision since Vision Quest is also being developed for Disney+

Interestingly enough, Grim Reaper has already made a semi-sort of cameo in WandaVision where the villain's helmet was spotted in Episode 2's animated intro.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios will have more to share about Wonder Man and its casting in the near future. 

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