The MCU Is Heading to Hollywood In Upcoming Disney+ Show

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The MCU is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but up to this point, the franchise has yet to really visit the place where movie magic is made on-screen. All that could change soon as Disney+'s Wonder Man series heads down the production pipeline. 

As of now, Marvel Studios has taken fans all over the globe and beyond in its blockbuster movies and groundbreaking streaming series, but the City of Stars (aka Hollywood) has remained relatively absent from the super-powered franchise. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which is airing now on Disney+, takes place in Los Angeles, but has not yet touched on Hollywood itself.

All that is about to change though as the upcoming Wonder Man project is set to take fans on a tour of Tinseltown. 

The MCU Does Hollywood

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According to the Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit, the upcoming Wonder Man MCU series is set to take place in Hollywood. 

Kit reported that "the show is said to be set in Hollywood." He also noted that "Ben Kingsley will reprise his Shang-Chi role of struggling actor Trevor Slattery," something that Variety revealed mere days ago:

"True news: Ben Kingsley will reprise his SHANG-CHI role of struggling actor Trevor Slattery for Marvel Studios' Disney+ series WONDER MAN. The show is said to be set in Hollywood."

This will supposedly not be the only MCU project to take on Hollywood, as Drax has been seen in the LA suburb in some set photos for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, but nothing has made its way to the screen yet. 

Where is Wonder Man Headed?

With Trevor Slattery set to make another appearance in the upcoming Wonder Man project, it sure makes a lot of sense that the series is set in the City of Stars. Pair that with the fact that in the comics Wonder Man is an actor himself and Hollywood feels like the logical setting for such a show. 

But what could this Tinseltown setting mean for the Marvel Studios streaming venture? Well, with its titular hero so involved in the world of movie-making, the title will likely take a meta dive into a vertical of the MCU that has not yet been explored (aside from a brief Bollywood detour in last year's Eternals). 

Also, this setting could be the next place fans see Brett Goldstein's Hercules, who debuted in Thor: Love and Thunder. On the page, Wonder Man uses the mythological hero (and at times Avenger) to establish his acting career. So, if the series were to adopt this origin faithfully, then it would all but guarantee a Hercules appearance. 

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Wonder Man is currently still early in development.

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