First Look at Iron Man 3 Star’s Return In MCU Wonder Man (Set Photos)

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Ben Kingsley, Trevor Slattery

New set photos have emerged from Marvel Studios' Wonder Man production, showcasing a new look at Iron Man 3 and Shang-Chi star Ben Kingsley's return to the MCU.

Funnily enough, despite Wonder Man actively filming, Marvel themselves have not yet acknowledged its existence with a formal announcement. It's similar to when the studio wouldn't confirm Black Widow as one of its upcoming films despite it having already been deep in production.

While fans wait for more official updates about the upcoming MCU series, new set photos can give audiences a new glimpse of what's to come.

Trevor Slattery is Back in Wonder Man

Ben Kingsley, Trevor Slattery, Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' Wonder Man started production in Los Angeles, and some new set photos show Iron Man 3's Ben Kingsley back as Trevor Slattery.

The images don't reveal all too much, but they do see Slattery dressed up and looking quite dapper. Perhaps he's gotten a role of a lifetime?

The Wild Journey of Trevor Slattery

The last time Trevor Slattery was seen, he had just gone through a fantastical battle in another dimension against a dark evil. Before that, he had been a failed actor imprisoned for his part in a terrorist scheme for over a decade—Trevor Slattery has had quite the journey.

While Marvel Studios has mostly avoided talking about Wonder Man, Ben Kingsley himself offered up some words about his return. The actor previously noted that he hopes to "constantly surprise and refresh."

Kingsley will join a big-time cast, with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II leading the charge as Simon Williams, alongside Demetrius Grosse, who will be playing Eric Williams, also known as the Grim Reaper.

Additionally, actors Werner Herzog, Bob Odenkirk, and Ed Harris are all rumored to be circling roles in the Disney+ series.

Wonder Man does not currently have a release window, although it could debut sometime in 2024 or 2025.

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