Marvel Studios Eyeing Werner Herzog for MCU Role (Rumor)

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Werner Herzog Marvel

Famed filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog might just be taking on a role in an upcoming MCU project.

Werner Herzog is a lot of things: A pioneering filmmaker, a noted Klaus Kinski-hater (look it up), and a man who seems to choose his words and projects very carefully.

Star Wars fans may know him from The Mandalorian, where he guest-starred in the show’s first season as a fiendish Ex-Imperial who wanted to get his hands on Grogu. And now, Herzog might be jumping from one popular Disney franchise to another.

Werner Herzog Might Join Wonder Man

Werner Herzog in The Mandalorian

According to scooper DanielRPK on his Patreon page, Werner Herzog is joining Marvel Studios’ forthcoming Disney+ show Wonder Man. It’s entirely unknown which character he would play at this point.

Also from DanielRPK’s Patreon is a separate rumor that Canadian actress Lauren Glazier of Mindhunter fame is also set to appear in Wonder Man. There are no details for her character either. Marvel's casting of Glazier report has since been corroborated by Deadline.

This information has not been commented on or confirmed by either Marvel Studios or Disney.

Lauren Glazier in Mindhunter

Who Might Herzog and Glazier Play?

It’s currently assumed that Wonder Man, is a send-up of Hollywood and the filmmaking industry. This makes sense as Wonder Man himself, Simon Williams, is an actor.

So, given Werner Herzog’s stature in the movie-making world, could it be that he’s simply playing himself in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way? It would make a lot of sense, but it‘s also quite likely that he‘s merely playing a character.

As for who Lauren Glazier might be portraying, it’s anyone’s guess. She’s appeared in shows like Mindhunter and films like Gone Girl but has yet to take on any comic book roles.

If it’s true that these two actors will appear in Wonder Man, they join an impressive cast. Yahya Abdul-Marteen II will take on the title role while Sir Ben Kingsley reprises his MCU character Trevor Slattery. Fan-favorite Bob Odenkirk has even been reported to be cast in the series.

It’s not known exactly when Marvel Studios’ Wonder Man will debut on Disney+, especially given that the studio is deliberately slowing its output. In short, this one could be a while, but it does start filming in March of this year.

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