Marvel Reportedly Wants Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk for Key MCU Role

By Russ Milheim Updated:
Bob Odenkirk, Avengers

Better Call Saul has been highly regarded as one of the best television shows in recent years. In turn, its leading actor, Bob Odenkirk, has received equal praise regarding his portrayal of the sleazy criminal lawyer.

In today's entertainment climate, his popularity brings forth a big question to everyone's mind: when might Marvel Studios poach his talents? And, if they did, who could he play?

Odenkirk may not immediately stick out as the superhero type for many—though his stint on the critically acclaimed action film Nobody might convince some otherwise. But even then, there doesn't seem to be a very clear fit for the talented actor, at least not right off the bat.

However, according to a new report, Marvel may have very quickly honed in the perfect role for the actor, and it looks to have something to do with the recently announced Wonder Man series.

Wonder Man Eyeing Bob Odenkirk

The MCU's Wonder Man may have just found his agent.

The Illuminerdi is reporting that Marvel is looking into hiring Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk in a key role for its upcoming Wonder Man series, which just recently cast its lead role in Yahya Abdul-Matten II.

According to the outlet, there no other information about the potential role was disclosed. However, they believe he is likely in the running to be Neal Saroyan, Simon William's Hollywood agent.

Industry insider BigScreenLeaks also backed up Illuminerdi's claim, mentioning how they had "heard his name was in the mix two weeks ago."

Another reliable source, KC Walsh, also backed the same report up.

Odenkirk's the Best Man for the Job

For those wondering what they could expect from Neal Saroyan, in the comics, he's exactly what one might expect an exaggerated Hollywood agent would be.

While he does represent Wonder Man, he's known for going too far on many occasions, usually orchestrating supervillains against Simon Williams simply for publicity. This habit ends up getting him killed in the source material.

Basically, fans will be getting something similar to Saul Goodman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—which, quite frankly, is a perfect fit.

Now that Marvel Studios has potentially gotten Odenkirk into the MCU, when will they do the same for Bryan Cranston? After all, he was a fan-favorite pick for Norman Osborn.

Wonder Man does not currently have a release window.

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