Marvel Studios' Echo Release Date Just Got Teased by Alaqua Cox

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Marvel Studios' Echo's release date is still unknown, but a new update from its lead star suggests it will premiere on Disney+ sooner than expected. 

Echo is one of the shows in the conversation regarding the MCU's Phase 5 delays

Initially slated to premiere in the latter half of this year, it was reported that its new release timeframe would be in early 2024. This is in addition to concerning reports about the series' production.

Despite that, Marvel Studios producer Stephen Broussard teased good things about Echo, saying that it is going well while also hyping up Alaqua Cox's performance in the series. 

When Will Echo Release on Disney+?

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Alaqua Cox, who portrays the MCU's Maya Lopez, shared a tweet saying that she can't wait for October: 

"Can October hurry tf up and get here already"

When a fan asked if Echo would premiere on Disney+ in October, the Marvel actress simply responded with two zip-mouth emojis:

Alaqua Cox

Cox's tweet may have indicated that Echo could arrive in October of this year.

Interestingly, this wasn't in line with the earlier statement of Echo showrunner Marion Dayre, saying that the show could release around early 2024. 

Wait, Did Alaqua Cox Just Debunk Echo’s Delay?

At first, the vagueness of Alaqua Cox's tweet suggests that she could simply be talking about anything else that could happen this October. However, her reply strongly indicates that she is referring to Echo. 

It's possible that Cox was just excited about Echo's eventual release, and this could be her way of teasing fans about her MCU comeback in her own Disney+ series. 

It remains to be seen if Echo will be delayed after Cox's latest tweets. However, even though she is the lead star, it would still be up to Marvel Studios' discretion on whether or not the show would release on Disney+ later this year. 

An October release might be unlikely, especially after The Marvels was delayed to November 10. Echo could potentially end up with an early 2024 release date instead when it's all said and done.

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