Marvel Studios Drops Entire Disney+ Show Season on YouTube for Free

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For the first time in the MCU's history, Marvel Studios put an entire season of a Disney+ series up on YouTube so that fans can enjoy it from start to finish for free.

Disney and Marvel are no strangers to using YouTube to connect with MCU fans, with analytics showing just how popular some of the franchise's biggest moments are - even from trailers.

Recently, Marvel began posting its Marvel Studios Legends series on the video streaming website, allowing fans who aren't Disney+ regulars to catch up on all they need to know for the MCU's upcoming efforts in the Multiverse Saga.

Marvel Puts Full MCU Show on YouTube

Marvel Studios uploaded the first season of the I Am Groot Disney+ show onto YouTube in its entirety for free, allowing fans to catch up on the animated series following the debut of its second season. You can watch the episodes below...

Shortly after his birth in the pot at the end of 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, Baby Groot breaks out of his enclosed space to take his first steps in a short entitled Groot’s First Steps.

The Little Guy puts Baby Groot in a unique position as the biggest being around, finding a civilization of tiny beings that view the walking tree as their hero.

Groot’s Pursuit has the titular character investigating a disturbance aboard the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship, coming face to face with a mysterious goo and even engaging in his own dance-off battle.

Looking to take a bath and relax in Groot Takes a Bath, Baby Groot churns out his own personal spa day with some crazy hijinks that end in a battle with a colorful woodland creature.

Magnum Opus features Baby Groot scavenging the ship for supplies in order to make a sentimental piece of art for Rocket Raccoon, with Bradley Cooper even making a quick appearance in the back half of the short.

We Are (Watching) Groot 

With I Am Groot Season 1 only being about 16 minutes in total for all five shorts, this release will give more fans access to check the series out before it continues.

And even with Season 2 ranking slightly lower than its predecessor in terms of runtime, there will still be plenty of excitement to see the fan-favorite tree return to action in the animated spectrum.

This new entry will also serve as a step in a new direction for the MCU, as it will be the first Guardians-centric project to not feature James Gunn as the director or writer following his move to DC Studios.

But with Groot actor Vin Diesel still in tow to play the wild central hero, I Am Groot shouldn't fall off in terms of quality with the MCU looking to expand on the cosmic front.

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