Marvel Studios and DC Both Have Their Eyes on Bad Boys for Life Director Duo

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For many directors in this day and age, one thing that seems to be on the proverbial to-do list is leading a major blockbuster superhero movie. While these big-budget action films often times either make or break a director's career, it seems that every day brings yet another candidate who wants to throw their name into the pool of candidates and have a chance to make a name for themselves.

The two biggest comic book movie companies, DC Films and Marvel Studios, both have a huge slate of projects planned over the next few years and many of them still have a director's chair that needs filled. News has just arrived revealing a team that has already been courted by both studios, one that already have some experience in major Hollywood movies.


In a recent sitdown with, Bad Boys For Life directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah revealed that they have already been courted by both Marvel and DC to direct an upcoming superhero movie. While nothing concrete has been settled on yet, the duo detailed that they are working to find the right character to work on, as detailed in these quotes by El Arbi:

There was nothing yet concrete. If we find something that we really love and that fits to our personality then, yeah, for sure, we go for it. It would be an honor to work with them. We are exploring at this point. We are looking for what is the right character, right storyline to go. If they have something, if we have something, I hope that very soon we find something and we can work with Marvel or DC, as well.


This is not the first time the Bad Boys For Life directing duo has been connected to the expansive world of superhero movies, as they commented last month on how they would love to tackle a potentially R-rated Marvel project like Blade or Deadpool. Even earlier remarks from January detailed that they had talked with Marvel Studios as early as a week after the release of Bad Boys For Life. Considering the success the two earned on their last R-rated blockbuster, it doesn't come as a shock that they would enjoy taking on something similar in the world of comic book movies.

While a number of projects from both Marvel and DC are fully staffed and deep into production already, both studios have massive plans going into 2021 and beyond. Both studios will release one film each in 2020 with Wonder Woman 1984 from DC (October 2, 2020) and Black Widow from Marvel (November 6, 2020), and there are dozens of other films already planned that still need a new director. While the specifics are still unknown, it shouldn't come as any sort of surprise if news releases that El Arbi and Fallah have come on board with one of these two comic book movie powerhouses.

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