The Russo Brothers Are Consistently Talking With Marvel Studios

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Russo Brothers are having consistent talks with Marvel Studios

Joe and Anthony Russo, famously known as the Russo Brothers, have already made a huge mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Russos started off as directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a film which was very well received by fans and critics alike. The directing duo's success led them to helm MCU's other major ensemble films of Captain America: Civil War , Avengers: Infinity War , and the highest grossing film in the worldwide box office, Avengers: Endgame . After their consistent success in the MCU, it has been a question in everyone's mind if the Russos will return to the MCU. The two have already mentioned that they want to return to the franchise at some point, and now a new report has surfaced which proves that the brothers are still keeping tabs with the folks at Marvel Studios.


Speaking with during the upcoming release of their AGBO Films product, Joe Russo shared that "there's always conversations going on" with the heads of Marvel Studios. Russo opened up by saying:

"We've talked to [Marvel chief creative officer] Kevin [Feige] and [Marvel Studios co-president] Lou [D'Esposito] all the time at Marvel. [Marvel Studios executive Vice President of Production] Victoria [Alonso]. They're all your friends of ours. Texting, seeing how everyone's doing. We get together with Lou for regular dinners once a month and there's always conversations going on. I think, you know, when we all land on what the right project is for us all to team back up on, we'll jump in feet first for sure."


One would imagine that Marvel Studios would want the Russo Brothers to return to direct another batch of films for the franchise. Previously, the directing duo shared that they are interested in helming a potential Secret Wars-type movie for the MCU in the future. However, there is no word if a potential movie with the same concept is currently in development or if this was simply a casual tease on their end. It would be great for the duo to return, but saving them for a big ensemble movie would be the right way to go. After all, they already showed fans that they can find the right balance when it comes to handling a plethora of characters on screen. Even so, fans everywhere would be happy to know that the Russos have developed a healthy partnership with Marvel Studios, and a return in the future could potentially be an easy deal if the studio wants them back.

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