Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reportedly Has Funny Role In Disney+'s She-Hulk

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She-Hulk, Kevin Feige

Early next year, Marvel Studios will bring one of its newest superheroes into her own Disney+ shows with Tatiana Maslany's She-Hulk, although there is still no specific release date confirmed. The story will be the first continuation of the legacy started in The Incredible Hulk more than 13 years ago, and it will help add a new layer of comedy and intrigue to the growing narrative.

The show's first footage debuted during Marvel Studios' presentation during Disney+ Day, teasing a surprising amount of excitement with just over 20 seconds of material made public. While it didn't give a full look at Maslany powered up as She-Hulk, Mark Ruffalo made appearances as the Hulk and Bruce Banner while some of the show's use of humor shone through as well.

Part of what will make the show into the legal comedy that's been teased is the use of fourth-wall breaks, which will mark the first time any superhero property other than Deadpool has utilized this tactic. Fans are already looking forward to the countless topics in and out of the MCU She-Hulk could reference, although a big one was just confirmed in the form of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige himself.

She-Hulk Will Speak Directly to Kevin Feige

She Hulk Tatiana Maslany

In an appearance on the Straight Outta Gotham podcast, Geeks Worldwide's Casey Walsh shared that Marvel Studios' She-Hulk will directly reference Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Walsh teased that the show's use of comedy is anything but subtle, and that it's supposed to be "extremely funny." Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, at some point, will humorously speak directly to Feige while looking at the camera. This would mirror the character's fourth-wall-breaking antics from the comics, in which Walters talks to comic readers and addresses real-life comic writers and editors:

"What I've heard about that show, it's like hard comedy, straight comedy, like, meant to be extremely funny. She looks at the camera and talks directly to Kevin Feige in the show, that's part of her schtick."

The GWW writer also compared She-Hulk to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool movies by saying it will be similar to that style of humor, though not as R-Rated:

"It's not going to be R-Rated, but yeah [like Deadpool], it's supposed to be like a super-fast comedy."

Will Marvel's Kevin Feige Appear In She-Hulk

Breaking the fourth wall is something of an art form, one that Marvel has mastered through multiple characters over the years in the comics. With Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson having somewhat set the standard for this form of humor in his two solo movies from Fox, She-Hulk now looks to use its own form of fourth-wall breaking towards Marvel Studios' top executive.

Kevin Feige is well-known as the mastermind behind arguably the most successful franchise in movie history, although he's never had any sort of cameo in the projects he's headed, either in or out of the MCU. It's not clear whether he will appear on camera in the series, but Jennifer Walters simply acknowledging his existence will be something that brings plenty of laughs when the moment comes.

Now that Feige is officially on She-Hulk's chopping block (or smashing block), there's a question of who else will be in the line of fire for the show's fourth-wall references.

Could Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans be called out for retiring/dying? Perhaps Edward Norton gets a call-out for looking awfully like Bruce Banner? Maybe even Deadpool himself will get a shout-out for pulling a She-Hulk and breaking the fourth wall?

No matter what other references come, Kevin Feige will officially take his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's on-screen story after running the show for more than a decade.

She-Hulk will premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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