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This year is set to bring another stellar line-up of Marvel Studios Disney+ shows. First, there’s Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, whose first trailer blew audiences away, leading to the video getting a notable amount of likes on YouTube. Then will come She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, both of whom don’t have a release date just yet but are at least confirmed for 2022. After that, what comes next is unclear. This includes the debut of Samuel L. Jackson’s first outing on the streaming service: Secret Invasion.

The story is set to be a loose adaptation of the famous comic storyline of the same name, as Skrulls secretly infiltrate the Earth from the inside. Returning to their roles are not only Jackson’s Fury but also Cobie Smulders’s Maria Hill and Ben Mendelson’s Talos.

Not much is known about the storyline, with Marvel having only teased the sense of paranoia that’ll be at play.

The production hasn’t seen many leaks, unlike the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home. Recently, however, the project finally took to the streets to film a few scenes, and the internet blew up with various set photos of the production at work—giving new looks at several key cast members.

Among them included a mysterious woman who internet spectators hadn’t yet identified. That, however, has now changed, and the new actress has been revealed.

Secret Invasion Adds to Cast

Secret Invasion, Nick Fury

As seen via set photos from the production, Secret Invasion has cast Irina Kara in an unknown role in the Disney+ series. The Russian actress is known for series such as Psycho and Killing Eve

Posted by @SInvasionNews, via @mule_moya, Kara can be seen ordering a taxi cab at night:

Kara can also be seen in photos posted by @mcunewsrumors. It is unclear whether she is one of the many Skrulls in disguise or if Kara’s role in the series is notable:


Irina Kara Is in on the Secret

Living up to its name, the secrecy of Secret Invasion has been impressively solid. These are some of the only set photos from the production, including the first look at Emilia Clarke's new character.

Will Kara’s character be good? Bad? A Skrull? There are many questions but next to no answers—certainly not any that can be answered via these new glimpses of the set.

Something many audiences are wondering the most is if they will have to wait until 2023 to experience the big event. It could go either way, as there have been conflicting reports regarding when the series will debut on Disney+.

With how massive the event is in the comics, fans should expect plenty of surprises ahead of them when the show does land. It also wouldn’t be shocking to learn that several MCU heroes are set to show their faces. Among the most likely would be Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Teyonah Parris’s Monica Rambeau, and Anthony Mackie’s Captain America.

While Secret Invasion’s premiere is still to be determined, Marvel’s next Disney+ outing, Moon Knight, will be hitting the streaming service on March 30, 2022.

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