Marvel Celebrates Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man 2 With New Stark Expo Funko

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Iron Man 2, Tony Stark, Iron Man Funko Pop!

Marvel Studios has reached a new level recently, with their fame and fortune allowing them to start cranking out as many as four or five feature films in each of the coming years

Because of this, fans may forget about the humble beginnings of the MCU. For instance, it took two whole years after Iron Man’s debut in theaters to produce a sequel for the franchise, and fans didn’t have nearly as much then to keep them occupied until the next release date came around. 

Iron Man 2’s debut in May 2010 feels like forever ago, but the anticipation leading up to the second installment after only having seen Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk felt like even longer. 

Think back to 11 years ago, watching Iron Man drop into the Stark Expo for the first time as Iron Man 2 began to play. One of the greatest sounds was the roar of applause from both the on-screen audience and the fans sitting in the theater as he removes his suit right on stage so that everyone in attendance could see Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark step out of the Iron Man armor. 

Iron Man 2 Movie Suit Up
Iron Man 2

That was a huge step forward for Tony Stark’s development of the Iron Man suit, since the last time fans saw him try to take off the armor went comedically awry. It was almost triumphant, and Marvel Studios remembers it well as they look to further capture the magnificent Marvel moment. 


Funko revealed on Twitter that they have a new Marvel Pop! on the market, and it’s another big MCU moment. 

In all his glory, Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark is once again immortalized in three-inch vinyl fashion as the moment he removes his armor on stage at the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2 is made into its very own Funko Pop! 

This fantastic Funko figure is available for pre-order now. 

Iron Man 2 Suit Funko

It even glows in the dark...

Iron Man 2 Funko

Now available for pre-order.


Other than the Whiplash vs. Iron Man Movie Moment from the “Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years” Funko line, this figure marks the first ever Funko Pop! made specifically for the Iron Man 2 title. Interestingly enough, Funko and Marvel Studios have been taking things back to their roots more and more recently in the form of merchandise for MCU Phase 1 films. 

For example, Funko is still rolling out the second half of a deluxe line of Pop! figures for 2012’s The Avengers. And for the earlier Iron Man films that didn’t get their own Funko lines like Iron Man 3 did, the late, great Stan Lee even got his own Pop! commemorating his first ever MCU cameo in 2008’s Iron Man when Tony hilariously mistook him for Hugh Hefner.  

Funko isn’t the only retailer pushing out MCU throwbacks, either, as Marvel Legends just released a whole wave of Infinity Saga-inspired figures that include the likes of Thor’s Odin and Iron Man’s Obadiah Stane

This is a really great sign for fans that still love the early MCU, which is becoming more and more of a distant memory as Phase 4 puts a major emphasis on legacy and the passing of superhero mantles from one generation to the next. Continuing to produce new, modern merch for fans to reminisce on their favorite early installments in the franchise is a great way to keep the MCU fire stoked. 

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