Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Reportedly Has No Interest In Star Wars Exec Role

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The Walt Disney Company is currently riding a tidal wave of success thanks to serving as the parent company for two industry juggernauts in Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.

Marvel is on a short hiatus from releasing content, although big plans are in store with Loki coming to Disney+ in June and Black Widow making its long-awaited theatrical/streaming debut in July. For Lucasfilm, The Bad Batch is in week two of its 15-week run on Disney+ while the team prepares The Book of Boba Fett for release in October.

While Marvel president Kevin Feige is continuing his run as the executive producer on every upcoming MCU project, he's also tapped to play the same role for an undisclosed Star Wars movie. Although he's one of Disney's top names due to the MCU's powerhouse status, this run with Star Wars is almost certainly a one-time deal for Feige with Marvel's story continuously expanding.

This was reconfirmed to be the case in the latest report surrounding Disney.


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Variety recently detailed the hierarchy of power within Walt Disney Studios, part of which clarified the status of Marvel CCO Kevin Feige as well as his plans with Lucasfilm's Star Wars franchise.

Of the Disney heads presiding over Pixar (Jim Morris & Pete Docter), Lucasfilm (Kathleen Kennedy), and other Disney Pictures heads, Feige is viewed as the most essential executive after more than a decade of success with the MCU.

Additionally, rumors began swirling that Feige would be taking more of a leading role with Lucasfilm after it was announced that he would produce a Star Wars movie. This is said to not be the case with Feige having no desire to take on more responsibilities at the Star Wars company, being fully committed to his duties as the head of Marvel Studios.


Kevin Feige has earned the right to take on any role he wants with any division that would need his services, but it's clear that his heart remains with the world of Marvel.

The Marvel head has been publicly supportive of the leadership at Lucasfilm over the years, working closely with company president Kathleen Kennedy and speaking often on the state of the expansive franchise. There are currently no details known about the project he's producing, although this report seems to confirm that this will be the only time he directly takes on part of the Star Wars universe.

Feige is known as the mastermind of the MCU, having helped build Marvel Studios after years of producing other Marvel movies for 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, and Universal in the early 2000s. This led to the continued success of the Infinity Saga, which is continuing into Phase 4 with about two dozen confirmed movies and TV shows coming in the next three years alone.

His work before and after Disney's acquisition of Marvel speaks volumes for itself, solidifying his place with the company and the MCU for years to come. Rumors have pointed to Marvel having plans for another decade's worth of movies, and fans can look forward to Feige leading the way for the foreseeable future.

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