Kevin Feige and Executives Are "Extremely Involved" With Post-Production Of MCU Movies, Says Editor

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Craig Wood revealed his working relationship with Marvel Studios

It is common knowledge that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a box office juggernaut in the past years. After 23 movies and 11 years of superhero storytelling, the tremendous success of the franchise has been heavily credited to the on-screen stars of the franchise. However, one would agree that the creatives and crew working behind-the-scenes are just as important as the big celebrities of every film. From the green screen, stunts, and the editing process, everything is connected to the overall success of the film, much like to the interconnected narrative of the franchise.

The working relationship of the cast and crew of Marvel Studios is well documented through the bonus content that is included in every digital release of an MCU movie. Even so, many fans are curious about the role of the head executives of Marvel Studios during the lengthy process of creating a quality movie. A recent interview with one of Hollywood's in-demand film editors, who has worked on several films for the studio, sheds some light on the dynamic between the crew and the Marvel Studios executives.


In an interview with Reeltime , film editor Craig Wood, who worked on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 , revealed his unique working relationship with Marvel Studios executives Kevin Feige, Victoria Alonso, and Louis D'esposito. Wood described that the producers are "extremely involved" with the filmmaking process and how "it proved to be so much fun with them." Here's what Wood had to share about the matter:

“Marvel is sort of unlike other studios, in that once the director delivers their director’s cut, those three producers, Kevin [Feige], Victoria [Alonso], and Lou[is D’Esposito], become extremely involved. Much more involved than normal studio executives. And, I’ve got to say, on the first Guardians, I was wary of that, but it proved to be so much fun with them, and creatively so rewarding, that I just love it!"

On the MCU side, other works of Wood includes Ant Man and the Wasp and the upcoming Phase 4 entry, The Eternals . Wood is also a veteran in the Hollywood industry as he worked on several films such as the first three Pirates of Caribbean movies, Tomorrowland , and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil .

Check out the full video of the interview below and the part where he opened up about Marvel Studios comes up at the 18:18 mark.


Just like it is with the Avengers, it is a total team effort to make a successful movie in the ever-growing entertainment industry. Based on what Craig Wood revealed during his interview, it is no question that the heads of the Marvel Studios are passionate about the films in the franchise. More so, the dedication of the head executives of the studio, not just to the characters and the movie's narrative but to the filmmaking process, is very evident here; Marvel Studios is a well-oiled machine from the head honchos up to the last name in the credits.

Coincidentally, it is not just Wood who has praised the unique filmmaking approach of Marvel Studios. Film editor Debbie Berman, who edited MCU blockbusters Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther , shared that the studio thinks ahead , revealing that additional photography or reshoots are scheduled ahead of time to make them a part of the normal filmmaking process.

It is no wonder why several directors and crew behind-the-scenes are eager to return to work for the studio when the opportunity arises. Even though the production of upcoming MCU properties is currently on hold , the established relationship that has been forged throughout the years allow for an easy transition when work does resume. And as many fans have been led to believe, the chemistry behind-the-scenes leads to a higher quality of the MCU projects that are released.

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