Marvel's Kevin Feige Promises New MCU Superhero From Southeast Asia On the Way

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the midst of kicking off Phase 4, which is filled with more new content than any slate in the studio's history to date. This includes a multitude of upcoming theatrical releases and a dozen unique series premiering on Disney+, many of them introducing heroes never seen in the MCU before.

Included in this new wave of heroes are major steps toward increased diversity in the franchise with movies like Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Blade. Disney+ is following that same path with shows like Ironheart and She-Hulk; director Ryan Coogler has even inked a five-year exclusive deal with the team to develop the world of Wakanda to new levels, including in an upcoming show on Disney's streaming network.

In a new video call with Marvel's top executive, he revealed a new expansion to the MCU's diversity that will come sooner than expected.


Via a release from Variety, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige spoke in a live video from the Marina Sands Resort on how Marvel Studios is planning to incorporate a Southeast Asian superhero into the MCU. No specific name was revealed, although Feige said "you won't have to wait very long" for this to happen.


In terms of Southeast Asian superheroes in Marvel Comics, it's hard to pick out a specific individual that could be adapted for either a movie or Disney+ show. That's not to say that Marvel doesn't have good options, more so that there is a limited quantity of characters that meet that specific criteria.

A recent addition to the ranks of Marvel heroes is a team called the "Warriors of the Sky," who hail from Southeast Asia. The team is composed of War Tiger, Blue Dragon, Sun Bird, and Shadow Shell, although they have only made appearances thus far in the MARVEL Future Fight video game, not Marvel Comics yet.

Another potential option is the Filipina hero Wave, who first appeared in the "War of the Realms, New Agents of Atlas" run from May 2019. She has the ability to control water, similarly to Namor the Submariner, and she could play a role alongside a number of other younger heroes coming into play in Phase 4.

No matter who this turns out to be, Marvel Studios is always looking to expand on the diversity of their heroes, and that trend seems to be continuing here. There is no word on whether this hero will come in Phase 4 or at a later date, but it will be a story fans have their eye on for some time to come. 

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