Marvel Director Ready to Bring Jennifer Lopez Into the MCU

Jennifer Lopez, Marvel
By Jennifer McDonough Posted:

The ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe grows by leaps and bounds with every project, be it a feature film, a television series, or a collection of shorts. And with a shared universe of this magnitude, it tends to attract some top-tier talent, both in front of and behind the camera. The MCU has scored actors like Glenn Close, Robert Redford, and Jeff Bridges, popular actors with extremely recognizable bodies of work.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most recognizable names and faces on the planet. She is known for her music and acting career, as well as for being a fixture of gossip tabloids for her high-profile romances with other stars. She is also notable for acting in shows and movies alike and one of her most recent projects, Marry Me, was directed by none other than Kat Coiro, who also helmed several episodes of Marvel Studios' upcoming series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Now, Coiro has expressed her dream of wanting to one day bring Lopez into the MCU as well. 

Kat Coiro Wants Jennifer Lopez in the MCU

Jennifer Lopez

Speaking to Tara HitchcockShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law director Kat Coiro revealed her ambition to get Jennifer Lopez a role in the MCU, saying, "Oh, well, my dream is to bring J-Lo into the MCU, so… Put that out there.”

As mentioned above, Coiro directed Lopez in her 2022 film Marry Me, and in the run-up to that movie, Coiro took to Instagram to post a lengthy message heaping praise on Lopez:

"80 days until Marry Me hits theaters. So many people came together to make this movie but I must start with the queen, la reina herself, Jennifer Lopez. Yes, she is just as beautiful in real life. Yes, she has the energy and stamina of one hundred mere mortals. Yes she is talented, driven, family-oriented, hard-working, thoughtful, prepared, intelligent, transcendent, sensational, just as awesome behind the scenes as she is on camera. She gave killer script notes, her musical instincts are mind-blowing (duh), you could cut a whole movie together with her first takes and she gave insightful notes on the cuts. You might think she’s not human but she has the humanity and vulnerability to prove that she is. What can I tell you that you might not know? @Jlo brings out the best in everyone around her. In me, executives, other actors, dancers, the crew- everyone wants to give 1000% when they’re in her presence because she always gives that much, if not more. Everyone works harder when she’s around, not because she demands it, but because they want to strive to be their best; do their best; to match that unparalleled energy. Despite all this she is humble and deferential and collaborative. She is inspiring and awesome and I feel grateful to know her. Also, look at her championing female directors."

What's more is that Coiro revealed in an interview with Hindustan Times that there actually weren't any actors she wanted for She-Hulk but couldn't get, noting how " of the brilliant things about working for Marvel is that you get any actor you want."

When the interviewer likened working for Marvel Studios to a child creating a story with their favorite heroes, the director responded by saying it was "a true dream:"

"Absolutely! I think so many people have a nostalgic connection to the comic books or with the younger people even the movies as something they experienced in their formative years. Because Marvel keeps making high-quality content, you have people keep wanting to be engaged. It was, as a director, a true dream."

Jennifer Lopez Would Be a "Get" for the MCU

Certainly, as popular as Jennifer Lopez is, plus her built-in fanbase, getting her for an MCU project would be a definite coup for Marvel. It's similar to casting megastar Harry Styles as Eros in last year's Eternals; if audiences find out someone that famous was in a Marvel Studios movie, they might flock to it where they may otherwise not have done so.

It would seem if there's anyone who could convince Lopez to take on an MCU role, it would be Kat Coiro, given their preexisting relationship that came from working on Marry Me together. One would have to imagine that someone as busy as Jennifer Lopez would be selective about what jobs she takes on, so it would likely take some persuading on Coiro's part in order to fully realize her dream.

Also encouraging is the fact that Coiro got all the actors she wanted to use in She-Hulk. The series is said to be chock full of cameos and special appearances from new and established Marvel characters. All those new faces need actors behind them. But fans can rest assured that the cast for the show is pretty stacked, including Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth, and Charlie Cox.

The premiere episode of Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hits Disney+ on Thursday, August 18. New episodes will drop on subsequent Thursdays as well.