Marvel Reveals Groot’s Facial Hair for New Disney+ Spin-off (Photos)

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I Am Groot is one of the upcoming animated spinoffs set in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. The animated anthology series will revolve around Vin Diesel's Baby Groot as he grows up in the galaxy and gets into his own adventures. It is unknown if other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy like Rocket Raccoon will make an appearance, but anything is possible. 

The series is confirmed to be released later this year, meaning that marketing is expected to ramp up soon. So far, an updated title card featuring a fresh look at Baby Groot has been unveiled. 

Now, it seems that official merchandise for I Am Groot has been released ahead of its 2022 premiere. 

Marketing for I Am Groot Begins 

Disney, via Box Lunch, shared a new batch of official merchandise for the upcoming Disney+ series I Am Groot, showcasing fresh looks at the adorable MCU hero. 

Groot is ready to take a bath in this official promo art for the series, with a couple of new hairstyles and facial hair/ leaf designs: 

Groot, I Am Groot

Groot appears to be experiencing puberty, as this image shows the Guardian with a vegetated beard: 

Groot, I Am Groot

More signs of Groot's growth are featured in this image: 

Groot, I Am Groot

Groot is ready to go on a new adventure: 

Groot, I Am Groot


Groot Is All Grown Up

This new batch of promo images for I Am Groot offers a special preview of what's in store for the upcoming animated spinoff series. Groot's facial hair is a clear sign that the series will explore the puberty stage of the tree creature, and this could hint that there will be scenarios that deal with the character's childhood mishaps and awkward encounters.

The note about 'Bathtime Hair-dos' could indicate that the water from Baby Groot's bathing time could accelerate his growth, allowing him to sprout weird and wacky hairstyles.

Given that Groot is still a baby in this series, it seems that the series will be set right after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, considering that the character has already grown to be a teenager during Avengers: Infinity War.

I Am Groot could give fans an idea of what happened to the Guardians after the events of the sequel while also presenting an opportunity to showcase familiar characters like Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill. 

One of the promo images features Baby Groot with supplies from Earth, potentially hinting that part of the series will be set on the planet. However, it's possible that these supplies could be from another planet, meaning that Baby Groot will be planet hopping throughout the series

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