Marvel's Eternals: Cameraman Actor Reveals Size of MCU Role

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Eternals Cameraman Kumail Nanjiani

Marvel Studios is inching closer to its long-awaited return to movie theaters, which will start with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. In the recently released "Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies" video hyping this release, the first footage from 2021's third MCU film, Eternals, debuted to fans worldwide.

Even though it was only about ten seconds of footage, the hype for Eternals is quickly growing, especially with early rave reviews behind the scenes. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige praised director Chloé Zhao for the best pitch he's ever heard for a movie, and other buzz is already building for the MCU outing to potentially win big at the 2022 Oscars as well.

The few seconds of material included an interesting shot of a man with a camera documenting the Eternals' journey. Recently, the actor playing this cameraman revealed some information on his experience with Marvel Studios so far...


Eternals Kumail Nanjiani

In an interview with Pink Villa, actor Harish Patel gave some insight into his appearance in the "Marvel Studios Celebrates The Movies" video, confirming that his character has a limited role in Marvel's Eternals.

Patel made waves with his presence behind Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo, although he said that this footage of him in the teaser is "where (his) role starts and ends" in the final cut:

"Whatever little you have seen of me in the teaser, that's where my role starts and ends."

Patel auditioned for a role in director Chloé Zhao's film and quickly got the chance to join a read-through with the cast, even though he didn't know any of the major players involved.

Admitting that English was a tough language for him as well as his unfamiliarity with the team, everybody in the cast and crew "all smiled at [him] and were so humble" as he joined the fray: 

"While we were reading Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani were sitting on my left and right hand side. I haven't seen 'Game of Thrones'. "I told Kumail that I am not that good or fluent with English and I don't know anyone of them present here. I guess he told everyone about this and they all smiled at me and were so humble."


Harish Patel is an accomplished actor in India with a career that spans nearly 40 years and nearly 50 credits to his name. Even with Eternals being his first major Hollywood production with a USA-based company like Marvel, it's heartwarming to see how genuinely kind the all-star cast was upon his arrival.

Fans will certainly be on the lookout for Patel once the scene with him and Kumail Nanjiani comes into play in the grand-scale story of Eternals.

The movie features arguably the biggest and most well-known cast of any MCU outing, especially the first in a franchise, with icons like Angelina Jolie and rising stars like Richard Madden leading the way. With Eternals' release being just under six months away, fans are eager for more footage after the short tease brought cheers galore.

Eternals will release in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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