Angelina Jolie's Marvel Hero Shows Off Her Powers In New Eternals Teaser

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Now that Shang-Chi has had his time to shine, both with his story and box-office performance, it's now time for a different group of Marvel characters to take the stage: the Eternals.

The group, much like Shang-Chi himself, are all fairly obscure—but that's never stopped Marvel Studios before. Now the group is getting their own epic film; directed by Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao no less.

The hype behind the movie has been immense, something which isn't surprising given the fact that Kevin Feige said that Zhao's pitch for the film was among the best he's ever heard. Could there be a bigger stamp of approval in existence?

The story is teased as being an epic on a scale not yet seen in the MCU and will span centuries, if not millennia. Not only will the film be showcasing the Eternals, but it will also bring Deviants and Celestials to the table.

The film is a month away, but to help keep that wait tolerable, Marvel has released a new short teaser for the film.

Marvel Studios Becomes Eternal


Marvel Studios has released a brand-new teaser for their upcoming film Eternals. The video can be seen below: 

The teaser showcases some new bits of the Eternals in action, including an epic shot of Ma Dong-seok's Gilgamesh attacking someone offscreen, as well as Ikaris fending off some Deviants.

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Also seen is Kumail Nanjiana's Kingo talking to a documentary crew, telling them how badass his family is. His voiceover carries the trailer, as various clips of the rest of the Eternals showcase their powersets.

Marvel, Eternals, MCU, Kingo

Sersi gets a new moment showcasing her abilities to manipulate matter. Angelina Jolie's Thena gets more screen time as well, where some dynamics between her and the other cast can be glimpsed. Fans also get to see her poor babysitting habits.

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Eternals Don't Make The Best Babysitters... but They Save the World Well

Marvel, Eternals, MCU, Thena

While Thena's babysitting may be questionable, at least it seems like the group is quite capable of fighting off the Deviants. The real question is if they can tackle Kro—and whatever his evil plan may be.

Kingo's documentary crew had come up with rumors before, but seeing it in play is fun. It's likely to bring a nice, The Office-type lightheartedness to the grim proceedings. Hopefully, the camera operator survives to tell the tale.

Even with all the footage shown so far, so much of the film's plot is a mystery. Eternals' second trailer gave fans the most to chew on, however, even with all that was revealed, so much more is hidden in secrecy— which is a great thing, for the record.

With the film potentially set to be the second-longest MCU film to date, Eternals is looking like it will be one insane ride for Marvel fans when it releases worldwide on November 5 later this year. It might even be good enough to be an Oscar contender next year; wouldn't that be something?

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