Marvel Reveals Echo's New Superhero Suit Design for Her Disney+ Show (Photos)

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Marvel Studios Echo

A new LEGO minifigure offered a first look at Maya Lopez’s superhero suit that she’ll be wearing in her Hawkeye spinoff solo series, Echo.

Disney+ and Marvel Studios look to bring another superhero to the MCU in Echo. The series, which launches with all six episodes at once in November, will feature Alaqua Cox reprising her role as former Tracksuit Mafia member Maya Lopez.

Since the show reportedly deals with the character receiving superhuman powers, Maya will need some new, more heroic-looking duds in which to fight crime and the sins of her past.

LEGO Minifigure Shows Echo’s Supersuit

The next upcoming series of blind-bagged LEGO minifigures entirely consists of heroes and villains who have appeared in Marvel Studios’ Disney+ offerings. With Echo’s Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) included in the set, a decent first look at the character’s superhero suit has now been revealed.

A full view of the set, which captures key characters like She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s Jen Walters and Hawkeye’s Clint Barton in LEGO’s trademark style has Maya visible in-between Kate Bishop and Wolverine.

LEGO Minifigures of various Marvel/Disney+ characters

Zooming in, it’s clear that the figure is meant to represent the character in a costume that audiences haven’t yet seen her wear:

LEGO minifigure of Echo

A full, yet blurry image of the full minifig reveals a pretty good look at Lopez’s superhero garb, which seems to feature gold detailing on her exposed prosthetic leg:


She‘s also holding some sort of object, but it’s difficult to truly ascertain what it might be without knowing the full context. Perhaps it could be a weapon of some kind?

LEGO Echo minifigure

MCU Echo’s Suit Differs From Her Comics Counterpart

Going by the LEGO representation alone, Echo’s MCU look is far more ornate and detailed than her typical comic book outfit.

Usually, her costume from the pages of Marvel Comics consists of a crop top, arm wrappings, and dark skinny jeans. This is exactly the type of, perhaps oversexualized, look that the MCU tends to steer clear of. As such, Maya has been given something much more modest to wear.

It’s unclear where exactly Echo procures her new suit, but she does apparently forge a connection with Matt Murdock aka, Daredevil, who in turn, has Luke Jacobson’s (the superhero tailor from She-Hulk) number. Maybe it’s Matt who gifts Maya with her new attire?

Marvel Studios is trying something new with the release of Echo - instead of releasing the six episodes week-by-week, the studio has opted to drop them all at once. This has caused some concern among some fans who believe that Marvel just wants to dump the show and get it over with.

But patience is key and so is not judging something before one has had a chance to fully take it in. With that in mind, viewers will be able to catch Echo when it arrives on Disney+ in full on November 29.

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