Is Marvel Releasing a Civil War 2 Movie? New Speculation Explained

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A poster for what could be a sequel to the MCU's Captain America: Civil War is making the rounds online, leaving many to wonder if this theoretical "Civil War II" is real.

Following a year of projects that were, for the most part, less-than-well received, and the firing of Jonathan Majors (who was supposed to headline what was called Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and is now listed simply as Avengers 5), Marvel is in a state of uncertainty.

In 2024, the MCU will only see one new cinematic releaseDeadpool 3. There are also reports and confirmations of other projects being partially, or even entirely, rewritten. This leaves fans unsure when they will get to see some of their favorite characters next.

Is A Civil War 2 Movie Happening?

A fan-made poster for a not-real Captain America: Civil War sequel, featuring Spider-Man, Sam Wilson's Captain America, Shuri's Black Panther, Deadpool, Thor, Shang Chi, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel

Despite a poster going around online, as of now, there are no confirmed plans for a Civil War II in the MCU.

The poster was made by Instagram user @marvels.wolverine, and is not real.

It is worth noting that Alex P. of @MyCosmicCircus shared a rumor indicating the possibility of "a Civil War 2 scenario prior to the Avengers projects." But, again, this is just a rumor:

"There really isn’t much to say about Banner specifically at this moment because of the strikes.

All I’ve heard so far is that what happens in 'Brave New World' becomes part of the catalyst that may lead to a 'Civil War 2' scenario prior to the Avengers projects.

So we’ll see."

What Would A Theoretical Civil War 2 Be About?

If a sequel to Captain America: Civil War were to happen, most would assume it would be based on the comic event Civil War II. If this were to be the case, many major plot points from that comic would need adjusting, to align with MCU canon.

For one, the two sides of the titular Civil War are led by Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Iron Man (Tony Stark). While the former would have no problem bringing her story in this direction, the latter is dead in the MCU.

With Tony out of the picture, another superhero would need to take up Tony's position. This brings up the second issue: the MCU's lack of Inhumans.

The central conflict of Civil War II is that there is an Inhuman with the power to see into the future. 

Carol believes that if this Inhuman knows someone is going to commit a crime or cause harm, the Avengers should be able to take that person down based on what they will do. Tony, on the other hand, thinks that arresting people for what they haven't done yet is unfair.

This, however, is a moot point because the MCU's main universe has not introduced Inhumans yet. Black Bolt did appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but that was in an alternate universe.

If a movie based on the Civil War II event were to ever happen, it would either have to wait until someone is chosen to take Tony's place in the conflict and for the Inhumans to be introduced, or it would only be loosely inspired by the comic that shares its name.

Captain America: Civil War is available to stream on Disney+.

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