Why Is Markiplier Now Streaming In a Bathtub In New Videos?

By Sam Hargrave Posted:
Markiplier In a Bathtub

Fans of the popular gaming YouTuber Markiplier have been left confused by his recent content which he has recorded from inside a bathtub.

Markiplier's Bathtub Videos Explained

Markiplier in bathtub

After posting his last normal gaming video on April 14, 2024, Markiplier took a short break from uploading before returning on May 16 with a new video and a surprising twist - it was recorded from a bathtub.

At the time of writing (Wednesday, May 22), Markiplier has uploaded six gaming videos in as many days, all of which were taken from said bathtub.

In his recent video, "YOU WILL LEARN... | Ring Academy," Markiplier shared his expectation for that to be "the last bathroom video [he makes]" (it was not) and explained how the setting is "super uncomfortable."

He notably called recording from the bathtub a "gimmick" but also explained there "actually aren't any other places to be:"

"This will probably be the last bathroom video I make. It's really uncomfortable in this tub. Like the gimmick was interesting at first, it's just super uncomfortable. But the unfortunate thing is there actually aren't any other places to be."

While Markiplier usually records from his Los Angeles home, the YouTuber noted on a recent episode of his Distractible podcast posted around the time of the bathtub videos that he is currently "at this Airbnb."

During the show, the group joked about the prospect of a break-in, and one of the co-hosts noted how "if someone breaks in, they're never going to look in your bathtub first, so you're probably safe."

In an episode of the Go! podcast, Markiplier addressed his bathtub setting, explaining how "this is for acoustic purposes only and the convenience of setting things up."

He added how he is occupying "the other bathroom" for recording purposes, which also happens to contain "the only tub." As such, it appears the YouTuber has laid claim to the secondary bathroom of the Airbnb he is sharing with his team to continue recording gaming content.

Markiplier is seemingly working out of an Airbnb while developing his upcoming directorial debut, Iron Lung, with his team. It appears the secondary bathroom offers the only space for him to record with both strong acoustics and away from the rest of the team as they focus on Iron Lung's post-production.

Recording YouTube videos from a bathtub is nothing new for Markiplier, who once filled and laid in a tub of hot chocolate in 2016 (with two friends) and one year later lay submerged in a bathtub of mashed potato.

Markiplier can be found posting new videos regularly on YouTube.

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