Mandalorian Producer Clears Confusion on Grogu's Luke Skywalker Timeline

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After stating that the Mandalorian and Grogu were apart for two years while the latter was off training with Luke Skywalker, producer Jon Favreau gave a closer look at the actual timeline.

It has been over two years since the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, and many Star Wars fans questioned just how long Grogu spent training with Luke Skywalker. With the premiere of Season 3 around the corner, some also wondered how much time had passed since the two characters reunited and the start of the new installment.

To the dismay of many, series producer and showrunner Jon Favreau recently gave an answer to that question, saying that Grogu and Din Djarin were "apart" for two whole years.

Many expressed their disappointment with that revelation, wondering why so much time had passed with Din seemingly doing nothing aside from aiding Boba Fett for a couple of days on Tatooine.

How Long Was Grogu Away From The Mandalorian?

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In an interview with Variety at the world premiere of Season 3 of The Mandalorian, producer Jon Favreau was asked about his recent comments on how long Grogu was training with Luke Skywalker.

Favreau recently said that Grogu trained with Luke for two years before being reunited in The Book of Boba Fett, which set the Star Wars fandom ablaze.

However, Favreau more recently clarified the time between all of the events, saying that it goes hand-in-hand with "the real-time that we've experienced it." The producer stated that Grogu and Din Djarin reunited "about a year ago," and the total time that has passed since Seasons 2 and 3 is "between zero and two years:"

"I don't know if I said many years, its probably about the real-time that we've experienced it. So it was the end of Season 2 when they said goodbye, we checked in in 'The Book of Boba Fett' about a year ago when they parted company again, and then he rejoined the Mandalorian. So now, I think somewhere in there, more than one and less than, you know, somewhere between zero and two years."

When it was stated that the two main characters weren't apart "that many years," Favreau responded, "No, no, no. Not that many."

Favreau then jokingly said that he is "running out of screentime" because of how many "more stories" they want to tell:

"We're running out of screen time, you know. We only have 30 years to tell all of our stories and we have a lot more stories to tell."

Does Favreau's Explanation Solve Fans' Issues?

If the timeline of The Mandalorian acts in cohesion with the real world, then Season 2 took place one year after Season 1, and The Book of Boba Fett followed a year after that.

It is a little more believable that Grogu spent a year with Luke Skywalker rather than two. As fans stated, it would be a stretch for Grogu to spend so much time there with Luke and not at least be proficient in some of his Force abilities.

After all, the only two characters in all of Star Wars that are the same species as him are Yoda and Yaddle, who were both members of the Jedi Council and contained high Midichlorian counts.

The bigger question about this whole situation is that a year has passed since fans last saw Grogu and Din leaving Tatooine after helping Boba Fett.

Being a Mandalorian and following his creed is extremely important to Din, so it is hard to believe that he has just waited around for an entire year since he was cast out of his Mandalorian covert by the Armorer.

Since the Armorer told Din exactly what he needed to do in order to cleanse himself (travel to the mines of Mandalore), one would assume that his number one priority after helping Boba Fett would be to go directly there.The plotline surrounding Bo-Katan and the Darksaber also hit the same speed bump when it comes to the timeline. 

At the end of Season 2, Bo-Katan was fairly upset that Din was in possession of the Darksaber instead of her. Once again, it is hard to believe that two years have passed since he obtained it from Moff Gideon and she has not even contacted him or looked for him since.

A better explanation of all that has gone on since fans were last with the two characters could come in the form of exposition when Season 3 kicks off on Disney+.

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