Loudermilk Season 4 Gets Hopeful Update from Creators

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Ron Livingston as Sam Loudermilk in Loudermilk

The director and executive producer of Loudermilk brought fans up to speed on the prospects of a fourth season.

Loudermilk made its series debut in 2017. The series was created by Bobby Mort and Peter Farrelly, one-half of the Farrelly brothers who have previously made such comedy classics as Dumb and Dumber and Me, Myself & Irene.

Peter Farrelly Offers Strong Hope for More Loudermilk

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Taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Loudermilk co-creator Peter Farrelly gave an especially optimistic update on Season 4, as well as 5.

In response to a fan of the show, Farrelly posted the following, noting that he was "very hopeful" about the opportunity to produce additional Loudermilk seasons:

"Thanks, Adam. I’m very hopeful we’re going to have a Season 4 and 5. Lots more story to tell. I’ll be rooting for you and your sobriety. Quitting isn’t all doom and gloom. There’s a lot of light on the other side. Good luck!"

In a second Tweet, he explained that the two new seasons are "already mapped out and ready to shoot:"

"I’m so happy people are finally finding #Loudermilk on Netflix. That show was a joy to make and it’s FAR FROM OVER. Seasons 4 and 5 are already mapped out and ready to shoot! Just have to find the right home for it—hopefully Netflix. Can’t wait to tell the whole story!"

By "right home," Farrelly refers to the fact that Loudermilk’s original broadcast station, the Audience Network, went belly-up in 2020 after the third season was finished. Amazon Prime Video ended up releasing Season 3, but now, the show is being shopped around for a new network or streaming service.

If the series was able to find a new spot, there could be a pretty quick turnaround from production to airing. Filming for Season 2 began in July of 2018 and premiered in October of the same year (via The Hollywood Reporter). With that in mind, it’s likely safe to say that history would repeat itself.

As for Peter Farrelly, he called upon Loudermilk fans to "spread the word" and increase its chances of getting picked up by an outlet. He was also sure to praise star Ron Livingston:

"I love that 'Loudermilk' is finally getting it’s day in the sun. Spread the word so we can see seasons 4 and 5. Ron Livingston is a genius!"

What Might Loudermilk Season 4 Look Like?

Loudermilk follows Ron Lingston’s Sam Loudermilk. Sam is a substance abuse counselor who happens to be a recovering alcoholic himself. Characterized with a sizable chip on his shoulder, the title character has a frequent tendency to come off as quite acerbic and rude.

Peter Farrelly previously teased that Loudermilk Season 4 would concern Loudermilk becoming a superstar and gaining much newfound fame thanks to his book getting published.

But the price of fame can often be a costly one. The protagonist’s reinvigorated lifestyle may make it rather difficult to stay away from drinking and maintain his sobriety. This particular wrinkle is bound to result in new challenges and complications for one Sam Loudermilk.

All three existing seasons of Loudermilk can be streamed on Netflix.

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