Loudermilk Season 4: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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Is Loudermilk coming back for Season 4 after its Netflix release?

Loudermilk has a rather complicated history, with three seasons being produced by AT&T's Audience from 2017 to 2020. However, Season 3 came to screens on Amazon Prime Video instead after the streamer acquired the show, including the at-the-time unaired third season, after Audience ceased operations in May 2020.

Will Loudermilk Season 4 Ever Happen?

Speaking with Deadline, creator Peter Farrelly expressed how the whole cast and crew would have no issue getting back together if Amazon was looking to continue Loudermilk, saying, “Everybody wants to come back and do Season 4.” 

Deadline made clear in the report the cast were released from their contracts, but Farrelly explained in the October 2020 article ahead of the Season 3 premiere how they needed to "find the right home for it" to continue into Season 4:

“We are going to get them back, we are going to do it, we just need to find the right home for it.”

The comedy creator noted a desire to continue Loudermilk for many years to come as he already knows "where it is going" for plenty more seasons:

“We want to do Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7. I want to keep going because I know where it is going, where I want it to be in 6-7 years.”

While Farrelly may be up for Season 4, there was, unfortunately, never any sign of Amazon being interested in renewing Loudermilk. Years later in January 2024, the series, which is owned by Sony Pictures Television, has now been licensed out to Netflix, closing out the show's time on Amazon Prime Video.

As of now, there has been no news on Season 4 becoming a reality, but perhaps if Loudermilk were to find success on Netflix, the streamer may find itself open to discussing a revival with Farrelly.

Looking at past seasons, the window between renewal and release for Loudermilk has gone as low as six months with Season 4 in April 2018. So, depending on various schedules, new episodes could potentially come to screens fairly quickly if a revival were to ever become a reality.

What Would Happen in Loudermilk Season 4?

Loudermilk couple

In the same Deadline interview discussed previously, Peter Farrelly confirmed Season 4 is already mapped out as Loudermilk searches for a new home.

Following Season 3, Loudermilk has published his music world book which, according to Farrelly, would be a "huge smash hit" in the fourth season that would turn him into a superstar:

“It is the year Loudermilk gets his mojo back. He writes a book at end of Season 3, it’s all about the music world. It becomes a huge smash hit in Season 4. And all of a sudden, he is back in the game, people are inviting him to parties, and he is hanging out with real musicians."

He added how this would leave the question of whether Loudermilk can "maintain the sobriety" in this lifestyle and if he will still have time for his Sober Friends Group with his newfound popularity:

"Now the question is, will he have time for that sad, sad group he has been babysitting for the last three years? Will he be able to maintain the sobriety now that he is back in the fast lane?”

The Loudermilk creator seems to be teasing big challenges for the titular musician in Season 4 as it dives into the impact of the celebrity lifestyle in terms of health, sobriety, and pre-established relationships.

Farrelly also teased plans to bring back Danny Wattley as Cuttler, who was a major player in Season 1 but sat out subsequent runs having "fell off the wagon in real life," leading to him going through rehab. As such, now being sober, Wattley was planned to return to Loudermilk for Season 4:

“He fell off the wagon in real life, and we didn’t use him in seasons 2 and 3. And then he got sober again, went through the program, went through rehab, and we are taking him back in Season 4.”

Based on Farrelly's comments on how “everybody wants to come back and do Season 4,” the potential follow-up season would likely bring back most of the series' main cast, dependent, of course, on their schedules.

Loudermilk is streaming now on Netflix.

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