Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 Gets Official Release Window

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Lopez vs. Lopez

Lopez vs. Lopez fans finally know when Season 2 will be released after a new update straight from its creator. 

Created by George Lopez, Mayan Lopez, and Debby Wolfe, the hit NBC sitcom revolves around the fictionalized versions of George and Mayan as they try to mend their father-daughter relationship after moving in together. 

Lopez vs. Lopez made its debut on NBC on November 4, 2022. After a strong first season, the show was renewed for Season 2 in May 2023. 

When Will Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 Release?

Lopez vs. Lopez still

In a response to a fan on Instagram, Lopez vs. Lopez creator and executive producer Debby Wolfe confirmed that Season 2 has a February 2024 release window.

In a separate post from Instagram in November 2023, Wolfe also confirmed the writers' room for Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 has been opened: 

"Guess who’s back!? The writers room for Season TWO of 'Lopez vs Lopez' is now open. Grateful for these funny fools and hynas who all wish for the AMPTP to strike a fair deal with our brilliant [SAG-AFTRA] actors so team LVL can bring y’all the funny in 2024.”

Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 writers' room

What's Next for Lopez vs. Lopez in Season 2?

Considering fans wanted to know what's next for George and Mayan Lopez, it's exciting that Lopez vs. Lopez will return to the small screen sooner than expected.

Lopez vs. Lopez Season 1 mainly focused on the dynamic of George and Mayan Lopez, with the father and daughter mending their relationship by talking about George's alcohol problems and Mayan being a child of divorced parents. 

Season 1 ended with George's decision to give up drinking so that he would not end up forgetting every moment with his family. The finale also featured a surprise appearance from Snoop Dogg himself, with him acting as George's new sponsor. 

While Season 1 spent a good chunk of the story dialing in on George's alcoholism, the finale managed to set up an interesting Season 2 where the storyline possibilities are endless. 

Aside from a fresh new story for its sophomore season, Lopez vs. Lopez's return to NBC is also expected to bring in even more guest stars after a star-studded slate of actors in Season 1. 

Season 1 featured the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero, veteran Mexican actor Danny Trejo, and Selena actress Constance Marie.

Lopez vs. Lopez Season 2 premieres on NBC around February 2024.

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