Loki Writer Reveals Deleted Scene Where Tom Hiddleston Pulled a Tom Brady

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While Marvel Studios prepares for the highly-anticipated release of What If...? on Disney+, the team behind the MCU has been actively sharing details about the making of Tom Hiddleston's Loki.

With all six episodes of the Disney+ series now available to stream, fans and critics alike have spent the time to dissect everything that came in the multiverse-breaking events that went down in The Void. Complete with a Kang the Conqueror Variant unleashing chaos upon his death, Loki set the stage for the MCU to take its wildest story paths to date via multiple unique franchises.

The last few weeks have come with numerous looks into how Loki was made; this has also included teases of material that didn't end up making the final cut of the show as well. From a laser-shooting armadillo alongside Sylvie to a near-cameo by Rocket Raccoon, Loki had the opportunity to do nearly anything it wanted with time travel and the multiverse in play.

In the latest round of scenes that didn't make the show, head writer Michael Waldron went into depth on how the God of Mischief almost channeled a real-life sports legend in Episode 3.


Loki head writer Michael Waldron made an appearance on The Ringer-Verse podcast to reveal a moment that was cut from Episode 3 of Tom Hiddleston's series.


Waldron disclosed a scrapped moment on the train with Loki and Sylvie in which bandits from Lamentis-1 were "rebelling against the proletariat here on this planet" and eventually "stole the TemPad off of Loki." This lead to Loki taking a dagger before he "just Tom Brady’s it," throwing it into one of the bandit's backs before cheering in triumph.

In the end, this came immediately before the TemPad was destroyed as it was in the final cut:

"There was all sorts of stuff in Episode 3 and everything with different versions of how the TemPad got blown up. There was a fun version once upon a time where the train was raided by bandits, who were people kind of rebelling against the proletariat here on this planet, and one of them stole the TemPad off of Loki. We still had the bit when Loki throws the dagger, misses, and one of these bandits gets away on a hovercraft, they’re like a hundred yards away, and Sylvie’s just like ‘F***, they got away,’ and Loki just takes the dagger, and he’s kind of drunk, and he just Tom Brady’s it, and it sails, sails, and hits the guy in the back, and Loki’s like ‘Yes!’ We never shot this, and then you see the hovercraft just veer off the side of the canyon and just explode. That would’ve been fun just because it was a moment of great triumph for him followed by ‘You blew up the TemPad, you asshole.’”

** Update **

Waldron has since responded to our report, commenting how his "misuse of 'proletariat' would nauseate all (his) old English teachers." He clarified to say that he meant "rebelling against the rich people."


While Loki did get his moment as a real-life historical figure when he was revealed to be D..B Cooper in Episode 1, this moment would have given him the opportunity to emulate one of the most iconic figures in sports.

Loki certainly would have had a fun moment emulating the seven-time Super Bowl champion, although the final cut of the episode had him simply blowing his knife toss while he tried to save Sylvie from the guards. Loki's real moment of triumph came as he and Sylvie defeated the guards on the train before jumping out of the window and escaping, although it ended the same way as the TemPad was destroyed.

Even though this Tom Brady moment didn't end up getting filmed, it's clear that the minds behind Loki were looking to take any avenue possible for an entertaining product on screen. Stories like this continue to come from the behind-the-scenes personnel on Loki, although this may be the only sports-related one that was involved in developing the show.

All six episodes of Loki are available to stream on Disney+.

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