New Loki Season 2 Footage Shows Tom Hiddleston Fighting With Magic

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Loki Season 2 Footage Tom Hiddleston Fight

A brand-new promo for Disney+ featured footage of Loki Season 2, including an action shot of Tom Hiddleston's titular Asgardian wielding magic.

While no official release date has been listed for Loki, the MCU's first streaming series to get a second season is supposedly coming sometime this summer. 

This time around, Hiddleston's Loki, Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, and Owen Wilson's Mobius will be joined by Ke Huy Quan (of Everything Everywhere All at Once) in an undisclosed role

Not much is known about Loki's sophomore effort; however, it is starting to feel like the Multiversal marketing machine is starting up for the project. 

A Look at Loki Season 2

A new spot celebrating what is coming to Disney+ and Hulu this year featured never-before-seen glimpses at several series, including Loki Season 2. 

The promo - which was posted on the official Disney+ Twitter account - sports three small glimpses at the super-powered streaming series. 

In one of these, Tom Hiddleston's Loki can be seen fighting with magic in what looks to be one of the sophomore season's exciting action sequences:

Loki TVA FIght
Marvel Studios

Another of the short looks has the Avengers villain thrusting an object into an ancient mosaic of sorts: 

Loki TVA
Marvel Studios

And the other time fans see the God of Mischief in this tease, he is wearing a frilly collars tuxedo, with a look that feels straight out of Industrial Revolution-era England:

Loki Suit
Marvel Studios

Watch the full video below:

What is Happening in Loki Season 2?

While there is not a tonne to glean from this brief glimpse at Loki Season 2, and fans likely won't really get a good idea of what is happening in this next batch of episodes until a proper trailer is released, there are still a few things to go off of from these short snippets. 

First off, it is looking like Season 2 of the Marvel Studios streaming series will not be toning down the action in any way. This brief glimpse at a battle sequence with Loki flinging magic all over the place is interesting. 

One place there was not a tonne of bloodshed in during Season 1 was the TVA itself. That looks like it is going to all change, as this fight scene looks like it is taking place in the hallowed halls of the mysterious Marvel organization

Another small detail to look at is this tiny glimpse of Loki embedding a key into this ancient wall. 

It has been reported that there will be "multiple Kang [the Conqueror] variants in Loki Season Two." One of Kang's most famous of these from the comics is Pharaoh Rama-Tut. 

The wall in the video looks like it was pulled straight out of ancient Egypt, and with teases of Kang's Egyptian alter-ego having already shown up in the MCU, this scene could very well be the first indication that fans are getting Rama-Tut in Loki.

 Loki Season 2 is set to debut on Disney+ some time this Summer. 

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