New Loki Season 2 Trailer Reveals Thor Villain (Photo)

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Tom Hiddleston Loki Season 2

Loki Season 2 received a new trailer ahead of its Disney+ release, and it featured a new look at a billboard of the show's surprising Thor villain. 

In July 2022, set photos revealed that Season 2 will showcase posters from an in-universe movie called Zaniac. 

In Marvel Comics, Zaniac (a parasitic entity from the Dark Dimension) is actually a Thor villain. 

Loki Season 2 Trailer Features Best Look at Zaniac’s Billboard

Marvel Studios officially released a new trailer for Loki Season 2, showcasing fresh looks at the titular God of Mischief, Sylvie, and Zaniac's billboard. 

At the 0:16 second mark of the trailer, the best look yet at the villain's movie billboard was unveiled:

Zaniac's billboard in Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

The brief look showed glimpses of the character's design in the MCU series.

Zaniac's billboard in Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

Part of the billboard was previously seen in Loki Season 2's first trailer: 

Zaniac's billboard in Loki Season 2 trailer
Marvel Studios

In Marvel Comics, Zaniac made his debut in Thor 319 in May 1982, an entity that possesses a human to act as Dormammu's agent. 

After leaping from host to host, the parasitic entity eventually possessed an actor named Brad Wolf while working on a film titled "Zaniac!." 

The movie is about a serial killer who targets women as his path for revenge against his mother who abused him when he was a child. 

Thor 319 featuring Zaniac's first appearance
Marvel Comics

While being infected with the entity during filming, Brad was caught in a nuclear explosion from the Manhattan Project, leading to his transformation as Zaniac. After attacking different women, Thor eventually stopped the villain. 

The trailer also unveiled another look at Rafael Casa's Brad Wolfe, the actor who was possessed by the entity from the comics. 

Rafael Casa as Brad Wolfe
Marvel Studios

The trailer can be seen below: 

How Thor's Villain Zaniac Fits in Loki Season 2

More footage from Season 2's trailer showed Tom Hiddleston's Loki, alongside Owen Wilson's Mobius, confronting Rafael Casa's Brad Wolfe in an alleyway before using his magical powers against the villain. 

It is unknown if Wolfe will transform into Zaniac in Loki Season 2, but the fact that the TVA appears to be chasing him suggests that they are aware that he is a threat to the timeline. 

It's possible that this will be Loki and Mobius' first mission back together as TVA agents, and this task could be the reason why the latter will eventually trust the former in his pursuit of He Who Remains and his Variants. 

There's also a chance that Zaniac is being used as a means to an end by Victor Timely, with the character serving as a distraction from the true villain's nefarious goals.

Loki Season 2 will begin streaming on Disney+ on October 6. 

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