You Can Eat Loki's Key Lime Pie In Real Life Now Thanks to Disney

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Loki Pie

Time may be running out for Loki on Disney+; but on this timeline, now is the perfect time for pie. 

As teased throughout Loki's marketing, Episode 2 of Loki Season 2 featured Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief and Owen Wilson's Mobius enjoying a slice of Key lime pie from the TVA automat. 

Now, Disney is making sure MCU fans can have the same gloriously, delicious experience outside of the universe itself.

Disney Offers Loki's Key Lime Pie

Loki Key Lime Pie

In celebration of Loki Season 2, Marvel Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris is serving up TVA automat pie.

According to Disney, Key Lime Pie Variant #85 is currently available at the Pym Kitchen restaurant to represent the "actual pie that will be iconic in the show."

Loki Key lime pie from Disneyland Paris' Avengers Campus

While there's no TVA or pie automat at Avengers Campus (at least, not yet), fans of the series can still chat about the Battle of New York over a slice of pie, just like Loki and Mobius. 

Disneyland Paris' other Loki offerings include additional Loki Odinson "apparitions" at Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel, where he interacts with guests in the lobby. 

And, while Loki has already been present at Marvel Avengers Campus, more appearances have been added in time for Season 2's Disney+ run. 

In addition, Avengers both young and old can enjoy a special God of Mischief mocktail at Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel Skyline Bar. 

God of Mischief mocktail from Disneyland Paris' Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel

This pineapple-flavored alcohol-free libation comes with rosemary garnish and an engraved ice cube and is available from October 6 to November 10. 

Disneyland Paris has other Loki-themed offerings as well, including specialty merchandise and a QR code digital quiz located throughout Disney's Hotel New York.

How Disney Celebrates Loki & the MCU

The Avengers Campuses at both Disneyland Paris and Disney California Adventure have a tradition of commemorating the MCU's latest characters and stories and often on the day of their debuts.

However, Disneyland Paris' Art of Marvel hotel offers an additional stage for MCU celebrations, and it's great to see the hotel is taking full advantage of that. 

The question now is whether Disneyland Paris and Disney California Adventure have other surprises in store for future Loki episodes. 

While only time will tell, Disney Park guests should also expect similar special themed-offerings for Marvel Studios' The Marvels when the film premieres November 10. 

New episodes of Loki drop on Thursdays on Disney+.

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