Loki Finale Props Spotted at Disneyland's Avengers Campus

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Loki Kang Avengers Campus

WARNING - This article contains spoilers from the season finale of Loki.

Jonathan Majors had fans' undivided attention when he popped into the frame in Loki's season finale. The charismatic He Who Remains captivated and charmed audiences with his wit and personality, leading to a tunnel-vision focus on the man behind the Time Variance Authority.

Looking around his quarters, He Who Remains' Citadel contained numerous noteworthy elements, from hourglass monuments to a shattered Time-Keeper statue. 

While most of the Kang Variant's paraphernalia gets the blink-and-miss-it treatment, some artifacts have recently been put on full display at Avengers Campus.



Disney's Avengers Campus continues to update its Loki collection.

Twitter user @cstephens2 shared images of new artifacts from the season finale of Loki on display at the Marvel wing of Disney's California Adventure.

The first group of photos shows the full display container, as well as some close-up shots of some books.

Further images reveal diagrams, as well as another close shot at a book.



He Who Remains has quite the collection, but one book, in particular, stands out amongst the rest.

MILLER'S GARDENERS DICTIONARY can be seen atop a stack of four books in the first collection of images. Written by Phillip Miller, "The Gardeners Dictionary" was a reference series focused on cultivating plants in England during the 18th century. Miller himself published eight editions of the series before his death. Unless there were stable copies of the famed gardening book in the 30th century, where He Who Remains claims to be from, this points to the character traveling back to the 1700s to collect a copy of this book himself.

Two other books can be vaguely made out: one titled TIRINUS IN SCRIPTURA and another called CYCLOPEDIA OF TELEPHONES AND TELEGRAPHY. 

The former could have a connection to Jacobus Tirinus, a Belgian Jesuit Biblical scholar who lived in the late 16th century, while the latter might tie to the invention of the telephone, which occurred in the mid-19th century. Both of these books further emphasize He Who Remains' time-traveling nature. Considering he is of genius-level intellect, it only makes sense that the character would master his various studies from the respective time periods they began to surface.

Artifacts from the Citadel are on display at Avengers Campus now and can be seen in the season finale of Loki, streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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