Kalki 2898 AD Movie Streaming: When Will It Release Online?

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Kalki 2898 AD

The Indian sci-fi movie Kalki 2898 AD has an update on its streaming home, leaving many wondering when it will be released online.

Taking place nearly 900 years in the future, Kalki 2898 AD highlights a city ruled by a totalitarian elite and a god-king, Supreme Yaskin. Highlighting Hindu mythology, the adventure spans thousands of years leading up to the arrival of Kalki, the tenth and final avatar of the Hindu deity, Vishnu.

The film was released in India on June 27, and it is already an outing fans across the world want more of an opportunity to see.

Kalki 2898 AD Streaming & Online Release Update

Prabhas in Kalki 2898 AD
Annapurna Studios

According to Telegu360, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video acquired the streaming rights to Kalki 2898 AD in different languages.

Netflix gained the Hindi streaming rights while Prime Video secured the rights to stream the film in the Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages.

Kalki 2898 AD is currently on track for an opening of 100 crore at the box office, which is equivalent to $1 billion USD, according to Box Office India. This feat has only been achieved by two other Bollywood movies — 2022's KGF: Chapter 2 and the Oscar-winning RRR.

When Will Kalki 2898 AD Movie Release Online?

Based on the financial success Kalki 2898 AD is seeing in theaters, Annapurna Studios could be inclined to hold off on a streaming release to keep that success running.

RRR and KFG: Chapter 2 were both held off streaming services for extended time periods after hitting theaters. Specifically, RRR came to Netflix on May 20, 2022, about two months after first hitting the big screen.

Should Kalki 2898 AD continue its run as a box-office winner, it could follow a similar release strategy, meaning it will be about two months until it hit Netflix and Prime Video. This would place a streaming debut sometime in late August.

However, the studio may decide to keep the film in theaters even longer than that if it still performs this well over the coming weeks, making its official streaming debut difficult to nail down.

Kalki 2898 AD is now playing in theaters in India.

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