Zack Snyder's Justice League: New Images Show Aquaman-Flash-Cyborg Team-Up, Steppenwolf & More

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Steppenwolf Justice League Snyder Cut

News about Zack Snyder's Justice League release on HBO Max has been steady since the project was announced last year, and much of that is due to Zack Snyder himself.

For months, the director has participated in dozens of interviews and utilized social media to share behind-the-scenes info , teasers, posters , and his overall plans for the unique project's release .

While Snyder has been leading the charge in marketing his finally realized version of Justice League , fans are now getting a peek at the finished project courtesy of a promotional campaign from HBO.


Twitter user @Dailter_Fran posted two promotional images from HBO Vietnam that just happen to be stills from Zack Snyder's now finished Justice League .

Justice League HBO Vietnam Zack Snyder
HBO Vietnam

This epic image of the Justice League team is exactly what fans want to see and is sure to build hype for the upcoming release. The still frame depicts a slightly different version of the ending scene first shown in the 2017 theatrically-released version of the movie.

Justice League Joss Whedon Vs Zack Snyder Scene

And, even though DC fans are familiar with Zack Snyder's cinematic style, this polished still from the film offers general audiences a look at what his finished 4-hour film will look like.

This next still from HBO Vietnam is important for several reasons.

Justice League HBO Vietnam Steppenwolf
HBO Vietnam

Steppenwolf was the villain in 2017's Justice League , but he looked a little different in the original theatrical release. The villain has received a new design courtesy of Snyder, and that look is on display in this promotional image.

This was a wise choice as it communicates to both fans and viewers that Snyder's version is indeed different from the theatrical version of Justice League .

Lastly, Reddit user u/Taferzz posted yet another still from the upcoming film as pictured below.

Justice League Aquaman Cyborg Flash

This image featuring the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman again shows Snyder's style of cinematography and what audiences will see on March 18.


Zack Snyder's Justice League is not a traditional film, and the entire situation for DC and Warner Bros. is complicated.

Zack Snyder's wife Deborah Snyder recently revealed Warner Bros. initially wanted a rough cut of the film released without reshoots or effects, and the DC Films president has made it clear Snyder's cut is a dead end and not the studio's plan moving forward.

This is probably why Snyder has spearheaded the marketing for this film himself; but, as the March 18 release date approaches, HBO Max will understandably want to promote the film to draw fans to the service.

Even though Snyder is finally receiving some help in building hype for his cut, the question is whether fans actually need to see finished stills from his film. Due to the lack of secrecy and Snyder's own transparency, much of the mystery and curiosity surrounding this unique project is all but gone.

While over-saturation probably won't keep Snyder's fans away, the question is whether the general audience will maintain their interest leading up to the March 18 release on HBO Max.

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