DC Execs Believe Zack Snyder's Justice League Is Dead End Street

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Justice League, Darkseid.

After the DCEU kicked off with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in 2013, heralding in what seemed to be a successful new era for DC's live-action adaptations, the idea of an interconnected set of DC films seemed to lose a lot of steam after the reception for multiple DC films was less than ideal. 

While figments of Snyder's DCEU still live on in projects like Wonder Woman 1984Aquaman, and the Ezra Miller-led The Flash film, it's been a bit unclear just how much of a stake Zack Snyder would continue to have in the future of DC's film slate, especially after fans of the director's work successfully demanded Warner Bros. to give Snyder a second chance at completing his original vision for 2017's Justice League, which will be releasing next year on HBO Max.

According to new word from the head of DC films, however, it seems as if Zack Snyder's newest director's cut will not lead to any new projects.


In a New York Times interview with DC Films President Walter Hamada, the executive gave some new insights about the future of DC's film slate, including how Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League will factor into the studio's developments.

NYT reports that executives for the Hamada-run studio believe that the Snyder Cut is a "'storytelling cul-de-sac,'" meaning that there's little belief that the project will birth more DC stories.

The outlet also states that Snyder is currently not part of the upcoming plans for DC Films.


Unfortunately for fans of Zack Snyder, it looks as if DC will be moving away from Snyder's version of the DC Universe. The writing for this has already been on the walls, with DC allowing other directors to more or less reinvent characters that Zack Snyder introduced like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, as well as still not making many concrete developments on a Man of Steel sequel.

Zack Snyder has already discussed possibly making a sequel to his cut of Justice League as a comic book, as he's had the story for a continuation planned out for years. It still remains to be seen just how his four-hour cut of Justice League will be received upon its release, but it appears that the company has already decided to make this project Snyder's final chapter for his DCEU.

Maybe another unprecedented fan movement will someday change their minds.

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